Falling is Like This

Is it fall already? The time of crisp air and cool nights and leaves turning and things made out of pumpkin and cozy sweaters? Oh, how I long for it, but it’s not here quite yet. In Alabama it’s still well into the mid 90s (35 C) every day. But, but! There is hope. The humidity is dying down and signs of fall’s approach are popping up everywhere.

For one thing, college football has started. You know I don’t really care too much about college football (though I will always root for my Oregon Ducks), but it certainly does make it feel like fall. This past weekend, my friends Brunbec and Deebeecooper and I went down to campus to check out the tailgating scene at our first home game. What did I happen to see but the marching band!

[247/365] Eye of the Tiger

Did y’all know I was in marching band in high school? Baritone saxophone, just like Lisa Simpson and Gerry Mulligan and that guy from Morphine. Coolest instrument of all, of course. We were pretty good — we marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade my sophomore year, in fact. Fall and cold weather and itchy uniforms and frozen grass on the practice field. Oh, I feel such nostalgia when I think of my marching band days.

That night we ladies hung around taking goofy pictures:

Laughing Ladies

Flux Capacitor

In the one of me, do you see that vein in my forehead? I call it my flux capacitor. As you can see, it is fully fluxing at the magic number of 1.21 gigawatts. And the cause of all this hilarity?


Yes, wine.

I did not let a night of over-indulgence stop me from going on an epic bike ride the next day, however. My friend E and I have been talking forever about going for a bike ride together and we finally made it happen. It was my first long ride since the triathlon in June and his first since he had a nasty wreck a couple of years back. I think it’s safe to say we each made our return to the roads in style.

[248/365] Spandex

I finally broke in this pair of padded bike shorts I bought a couple of months ago. They do indeed feel like a diaper when you are walking around in them, but when you are sitting on a hard bike saddle for 25+ miles of riding, they feel pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. I mean, they do not look good on me, no, but they work.

Our long Sunday ride was wonderful. The weather was warm but not humid, the roads were lonely and the countryside was beautiful. A couple of dead armadillos and trailer parks couldn’t detract from our enjoyment. I think long weekend rides will be just the perfect thing to do this fall (and a great way to add some low-impact cross-training to my marathon plan).

In other fashion news, I have fully embraced the horizontal stripe.

[250/365] Horizontal

Clinton and Stacey of What Not to Wear fame — and my own mother — can suck it. Horizontal stripes rule. Just putting on a cozy cardigan in the evening makes me think happily about fall, too. With the drier air these days, the evening temperatures are becoming downright …well…not terribly hot. It’s a start, at least, and I’ll take it.

So this Labor Day weekend felt like a perfectly enticing little preview of what’s to come this season. The town is coming to life; friends and fun abound. And sweaters. One cannot forget the sweaters! Maybe soon I will even indulge in a pumpkin spice latte from the old Starbucks. I hope some good things are coming your way this fall, too.


  1. Two things:
    1. Falling Is Like This: One of my favorite Ani songs. Love. LOVE.
    2. Fall bike rides: oh, what a wonderful way to spend the fall days outdoors. Also Love.

    I love fall. I just need the weather catch up…


  2. Also one of my favorite Ani songs.
    I’m thinking about buying a bike. For real.
    Also, I have to say, when it comes to cardigans, I completely disregard the horizontal stripe rule. And, I think if you are as skinny as you are, you can ignore that rule as well. I am hoping to get there myself this winter, as I also love a good horizontally-striped sweater.
    I can’t wait to enjoy fall after I get through the stress of these next 10 days!


  3. As someone who is home all day and therefore never misses an episode of What Not To Wear, I can tell you that your cardi is not only awesome but would be fully supported by the mighty gods of fashion (Clinton and Stacey). Apparently the width of the stripe you can get away with depends on your size and height – as you’re super tiny but pretty tall you can do a nice wide stripe and look great. Argh, I need a life.

    Also, the leaves are turning here already – I’m so excited for fall things, especially clam bakes and pumpkin-flavoured everything!


  4. You ladies all have excellent taste in music and sweaters! I’m glad people got the Ani reference. Of course after I came up with the title I had that song (pleasantly) stuck in my head all day.

    I am also glad to hear that horizontal stripes are OK now. I have not been keeping up with my CLinton and Stacey in the absence of cable so I missed this development. I always heard not to wear them because they would make me look “wide.” (Especially from my mother!) Goes to show that sometimes the neurosis is someone else’s and we shouldn’t make it ours!

    Becca, the sweater is from Gap: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=8993&vid=0&pid=749448&scid=749448002 It is on sale now! Super comfy and soft, I will add. Love it.


  5. Moi, j’ai récolté quelques mes citrouilles et ai essayé d’arrêter à boire, mais je n’ai pas été entièrement couronné de succès. Néanmoins, je vais continuer à essayer d’aller «à sec». En attendant, je pense que je vais faire cuire une tarte à la citrouille…ou peut-être je vais “me faire cuire”!

    Je te souhaite un automne agréable! Merci pour tous tes messages intéressants sur ton blog. (Est-il autorisé à tu-toi toi? Avec les francais, on ne sais jamais.)


  6. J, I’m going to reply in English because my brain is tired! First of all, I just had to look up citrouilles but I am happy both to have learned that word and that you have some! Awesome! Good luck with going “à sec.” Maybe you can take up knitting, or artful pumpkin carving? Good Fall activities, I think. Et bien sur tu puis me tutoyer!


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