Round-Up and Link Extrrravaganza!

I have a bunch of quick updates for you guys so I thought I’d just do a little round-up over here. First of all, I am kind of excited because I have been asked to review a retail site. CSN Stores (home of cheap bedroom furniture, among countless other sites) has asked me to check them out. In addition to doing a review, if I like what I learn I might also be  doing a giveaway here at some point, so I will definitely keep you guys posted because I suspect you will be interested!

In health and fitness blogging news, I have been busy at the Bodies in Motivation site. You can read about my upcoming half marathon or about my trip to the doctor in a quest to get a discount on my health insurance. Have you ever wondered how many pounds of me is made up of water or fat? The answers await you.

If you are sick of hearing about me, though, may I recommend checking out the healthy living blogs site? You can even search a huge list of blogs by location to find bloggers near you. Awesome.

And speaking of other bloggers! I desperately need to update my links list to reflect the blogs I am reading now. I have found a lot of new ones recently and (sadly) several of the old favorites on that list are now defunct. If I don’t already link to you, let me know if you have a blog and I can add you to my list!

Was that all? I feel like I am forgetting something. Don’t you hate that feeling? Like standing in my office asking myself “What did I come in here for?” Do you know what I came in here for?

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