The Birthday Party & The Morning After

Last night I went out to the theater to see a play one of my friends was directing.  Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party. Have you seen it? It is both highly entertaining and bizarre.  They put on a really great show.

[267/365] The Theatah

Afterward we all hit the fancy-ish cocktail bar where I proceeded to make it a night of Manhattans.  You know how I love my bourbon, and who can deny the awesomeness of a drink that includes a healthy snack at the bottom of the glass? This is the reason for the great success of Manhattans, Martinis, and Bloody Marys. A cocktail and a snack — part of this nutritious breakfast!

Let’s not discuss how many Manhattans I may have drunk. We all know numbers aren’t that important. Lets just say that I had A Moment this morning where I had to search the house for whatever spot I had deemed safe enough to stash my ring and earrings last night before passing out going to sleep in a graceful and deliberate manner.

While I didn’t feel hungover this morning, I did have the urge to eat, eat, eat until I felt better.  This is just how much my life has changed since the bad days of graduate school, you guys: I used to go to the nearest fast food joint and order a super-sized meal of some type of fried chicken sandwich (far worse, calorically, than a cheeseburger), french fries, and soda.  This was my “hangover cure.” As if it somehow had medicinal benefits!  So today, when I felt the need to ameliorate my post-cocktail condition, I went to the local healthy/organic/trendy/smug grocery store and I came home with carrot juice, a vegan poppyseed muffin, and a big bottle of fizzy mineral water. Feeling much better now.

To me that stuff still seems a little junky– juice and muffins are loaded with calories and are not really all that healthy. It’s much better to eat a piece of fruit than to drink the juice. So I have this paradoxical sense that I have both indulged and also been virtuous in my choices.  Both of those are relative concepts, of course. I do have to confess that had I been in the mood to cook, a big mess of home fries would have been on the menu for sure. There is just something about a fried potato product that really does it for me.

Anyway, what is your favorite thing to eat the morning after, well, you know, a little too much celebration?


  1. I have had the opportunity to try both the disgusting greasy meat option and the healthy vegan mineral water option.

    Here is what I know about myself: what works is sausage and toast, or fruit and mineral water, or a bloody mary. What does not work is eggs or fast food.

    When these things are put together — well, do not combine a full English breakfast with a bloody mary. You, if you don’t die, will do nothing that day whatsoever.


  2. I am a big fan of the home fries as well. Or just any kind of fries, really. What often helps me is “leftovers” of almost any variety and/or tomato soup. You know how I feel about my tomato soup, which is what I’m having today for lunch because Philly & I had a “discussion/date night” last night & also consumed a, ahem, healthy amount of bourbon.
    What I would really like to eat is a a giant turkey sandwich with maybe an entire avocado on it, but I’ll resist.


  3. D – Now that you said that, I am intrigues with coming up with a Full English, veggie style. Could do beans, potatoes, tomatoes, toast, etc. What else goes with it? An egg situation? I can’t have that but could do a tofu-scramble (the one vegan breakfast staple I have never yet tried.). Maybe I should plan to make myself a Full English Breakfast, like the day after my marathon (when I will have a hangover + calories to spare). But of course I am completely missing the point – you are advising AGAINST this course!

    Clarabella – OK, so a sandwich with tons of avocado sounds awesome! On toasty whole-grain bread! I do know how you are with your tomato soup — though I don’t go for it myself.

    Chrissy – Oh, OK. Vegan blueberry pancakes! I need to try that.

    This whole post & comment section has me all hungry for breakfast food and it is almost 6 pm as I type this — and I haven’t been drinking! So I have no excuse!


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