Egon the Dog

My dog, you guys. He is seriously cute.

Fetch on the Beach

That’s him in the foreground: the little dachshund. In spite of the fact (FACT!) that the Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world, he did not seem to be impressed with it on this trip. Can you blame the guy? Every few seconds, his little feet would be sinking slowly deeper into the cold, wet sand. These pictures were taken in July 2007, just before I moved down to Alabama, and it was probably in the 50s on the coast that day.

Egon, Sinking and Shivering

Egon likes to be cozy. He is a very snuggly little dude, in fact, which is what has earned him the nickname (among others*) of Captain Snuggles. His favorite thing to do in the morning after I feed him and walk him is to follow me back into the bedroom while I get dressed and ready for work. While I am busy blowdrying and spackling myself with makeup , he works his way into the covers on the unmade bed and fashions what is known as a doggy burrito. Sometimes he is completely hidden from sight, completely enveloped in a world of fluffy down, but usually some evidence of his presence is visible.

[88/365] Doggy Burrito

When I have to shoo him out of there so I can make the bed, he just looks at me, sighs heavily, and scurries away, waggling his little butt on his short, waddly legs.

He spends most of the day hanging out on the couch in the living room, keeping a watchful eye out the window for possible burglars (his stash of rawhides, Milkbones, and blankets MUST stay secure at all times) and waiting for me to come home.

He also loves hanging with me on the couch at pretty much any time ever, and if I am home during the day you can find him snuggled up in a blanket, just chillin’.

[168/365] Why Hello There Ladies

Sometimes he wraps himself up burrito-style, with only his feet exposed.

[181/365] Feets

His feet smell like corn chips.

Sometimes he goes and gets his brown blanket (known as “blankie”) from his crate and drags it around with him. It’s a throw-size blanket, which he can just barely drag up to the couch in his teeth, its being about 3x his size. He is obsessed with the thing.

[269/365] Blankie

Sometimes he fights it, wrestling it into submission and shaking it wildly. Sometimes he licks it over and over again. Sometimes he just sits like this with it clenched between his jaws and bites it. I have no clue what the deal is, but rest assured there is some kind of special connection there.

I don’t ask too many questions, though, because what can you do when confronted with cuteness at a level this high?

[282/365] Puppy Dog Eyes

*Other names he goes by: Eegs, Little Eegs, Little Guy, Little Buddy, Little Dude, Dude, Doodle, Doodle the Noodle, Bud, Buddy, Snuggle Buddy, Friend, Friendo, Friendito, Friendito Burrito.

Laugh if you must, but I am betting that if you have a pet you have some silly nicknames, too. Spill it!


  1. Oh, my boyfriend Egon! I misses him.
    Nico only gets Nico Blue, but Dug has many: Duggie Fresh, Duglas, Duggie Dug, Duggles, Little Shit, Pain in my Ass, but maybe we should just focus in the early ones.


  2. Oh, man. Nicknames. Rudi gets Rudles, Roo, Roodog, and, from my dad, Rudi Tuesday. Hollie’s are Hollers, Gimpy, Hop-a-long, and TPM (for tongues per minute because she’s ALWAYS LICKING). And for some reason, I call them both Pumpkin a lot, and all of them, including the cat, are Little One.


  3. Egon is so freakin cute!! (and do all dog’s feet smell like fritos?! Mine does)
    My Basset Hound, Delilah, has many nicknames. We call her Butt, Butters, Lilah, Lida, Pooperton, PeeDog, etc… haha


  4. I love Egon! He is too, too cute. ‘
    I have two dogs. My six year old is named Seamus, but also goes by Moose, Stinkbutt, Stinky, Moose-man, Dog Man, Big Boy, Love Muffin, and Snuggle Butt.

    We’ve only had the puppy, Calvin, for a few months, and his main nickname is Little Man (which I think goes nicely with Big Boy). We also call him Monster, Animal, Crazy Dog, and SuperCal. I’m sure he’ll have more names (and more of them endearing) as he gets older/less crazy.

    I love dogs!


  5. My Ellie has a lot of nicknames (Elle, Lelle, Lellie, Ellie Bean, Bean), but the names my mom comes up with her dog, Charley, are something else! Chuck became Chuckie, which became Chuckie Cheese, which became just Cheese. Poor dog; he’s probably so confused.


  6. So cute! I love all the pictures of him curled up in the blankets, especially the one in which you can only see his nose. Our friend (and aunty to our cats) has given them the best nicknames. Kinney, our tubby, is Teapot. Emmett, our wild boy, is Simba Pants. And our baby girl, Olivia, who is obsessed with the toilet, is Skivvy Livvy.


  7. Our dogs look so much alike! I definitely call my dog different names. His full name is Max Fischer (or just Max, hee) but I’ve been known to call him: Puppy, Maxwell, Maximus, Maximillion, and (I’m a little ashamed of this) Maxi Pad.


  8. I love all these pet names! So far I think my favorites are Butters (from K) and Cheese (from Katie). But they’re all fun. It’s funny how we gradually morph the names over time.

    Anyway, I guess I am in good company when it comes to silly nicknames! I will have to do a similar photo post for my cat at some point.


  9. Egon!

    I have a couple of nicknames for my cat, Wesley. They include “weasel” or “weasel-cat” (a nickname given to her by my mom because she had a rather lean and lanky body in that transitional period between kitten and adult), and “belly-cat” because she has a belly covered with soft fur that begs to be rubbed, though that usually results in a well-deserved scratch for the rub-giver. “Belly-cat” must be said in a sing-song way while the belly rub is given, of course.


  10. There were two of these dachshundial people around the Harlot family home when I was a wee tacker. Heinrich and Gertrude were their official names. Heini and Gerti for short. Gerti stole and ate the entire roasted leg of a fully grown New Zealand sheep one new year’s holiday. She lay on her back whimpering for the next three days.


  11. Ok, I’m game. Zoe, the pooch in my household, has some rather lame nicknames. Zo, Zo-Bo, Zo-Zo the Bozo and Zo-Bo-Zo the Bozo, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

    When I feed her during the evenings though, I may or may not be compelled to put on a cheesy ’50s announcer voice. “Why, yes, indeed it is the time that all dogs love, Supper Time. This evening’s Supper Time is sponsored by Blue Buffalo Dog Chow. That’s Blue Buffalo, a delicious meal chock full of things like cow tongues and horse entrails that will provide your family pooch with the strength of a full-grown American bison. Look at Zoe here, a fan of Blue Buffalo. See how she jumps and prances, more like a baby deer, really but…” and so on.

    She doesn’t seem to mind this lame improvisation.


  12. Diego: Little Squirt, Squirt-bucket, Mr. Man, Buddy, Poncho D (I know I’m forgetting some . . .)

    Rosie: Rosebud, Rosemarie, Rosita, Rosie-poo, Rosie-boo

    Collectively: the Littles, the Tinies, and the Squirts (but not bc of, well, you know . . .)


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