It's That Time Again!

Oh, that’s right. It’s time for a new season of produce from my CSA!

CSA Week 1: Contents

More organic local vegetables.

[292/365] Peppers & Radishes

More letters from Farmer G.


More experiments in the kitchen based on whatever things I happen to receive week to week.


I’m psyched. I love this stuff.

In one of the courses I’m teaching, we have been discussing agriculture and sustainability and it cheers me, especially after all the research my students and I have done, to know that I am taking part in a trend that is making positive changes to the way people think about food. I’m happy to be part of the “community support” in the term “CSA,” and happy to talk about it with my class so that they can see it’s something anyone can do.

Now. About dinner.


  1. R – That’s a mixed bag of hot peppers and radishes. The radishes are an odd shape.

    B – I roasted one tonight! Hey, if you want I have a couple I can spare.


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