A Great Giveaway – Just in Time for Holiday Shopping!

You guys, I am very excited. For the very first time ever I am doing a sponsored giveaway post. This means you (yes, you there, with the face!) have the opportunity to win a gift certificate to do some extremely fabulous online shopping. This is being sponsored by CSN Stores, who sell basically everything under the sun, from briefcases to kitchen supplies to modern furniture. And about a million other things. Go check out what they have.

A little while back, they asked me to review one of their sites, so I ordered a few things from All Modern, one of their stores, with a gift certificate they provided for me.

You all know my deep and abiding love for both whiskey and retro-modern fashionable glassware, I am sure. If you have heard me wax on about the glassware on Mad Men, well, just imagine my delight as I pored over all of their selections.

[318/365] Glassware

I bought a set of four of these beautiful etched glasses (the Double Old-Fashioned Glasses by NotNeutral) and I already love how they lend an air of sophistication to anything I am drinking.. Yes, even Four Loko, but let’s talk about that another time.

I saw that they also carry Alessi bar supplies, and I absolutely love their style, so I got this excellent bottle opener and a wine stopper.

[271/365] Stella y El Diablo

Bottle Topper

Cute, yes?

So what do you think you would buy with a $45 gift certificate good at any of their stores? Because that is what you can win here, friends!

Here are the rules:

  • To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. Please enter your actual email address in the form so I can contact you if you win. Your email address remains invisible and I promise I won’t spam you.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • CSN can only ship to addresses in the U.S. and Canada, so that means only readers in those countries are eligible to win. I’m sorry overseas friends!
  • I will close comments on Wednesday at midnight Central time and then select a winner by random number generator.
  • I’ll contact the winner via email and get you hooked up with your $45 gift certificate.
  • So go ahead and leave your comment below to be entered in the giveaway. Tell me, would you buy holiday gifts with your windfall, or go for something selfish? I think you know what I’d do. Heh.


    1. I think, probably, I’d have to go with some funky wine glasses. I can never have too many, and I love having all different glasses so it’s easier to remember which one is mine!

    2. I haven’t had time to look yet, but S needs new booze-em-up glasses, so I look forward to browsing. I do LOVE your glasses though.

    3. Those glasses are awesome!
      If I won I would consider using it for a gift, but would most likely end up purchasing something for myself. Preferably something to use in my kitchen like a new food processor. Mine is not very functional these days.

    4. I love CSN Stores! I’ve done giveaways and a review with them, and now they are my blog sponsor. They love the blog world 🙂

      Oh, goodness…if I won, I’m not sure who would be the lucky recipient! I can’t say I really NEED much right now (except time–do they sell time?), so I’d probably shop for someone(s) on my Christmas list. For example, someone has asked for a salad spinner, so I might get him this one:

      And good heavens, it’s not made of plastic! My giftee hates plastic and would be thrilled by the chilly feel of stainless steel. (OK, these CSN folks are good. I’ll probably buy the salad spinner.)

    5. I’d definitely buy some new glasses, or mugs. My roommate and I got all of our current ones from work, and they’re promo items. Bacardi, Heineken, Baileys, Amarula, you name it. Try having a fancy dinner while you’re drinking out of a plastic Smirnoff Twisted glass. It can’t be done.

    6. selfish, no question. i love having a reason to shop, like, “no, no – i HAVE to use this gift certificate.” i feel like a kept woman. in a good way.

    7. The glasses are amazing! A friend has the coolest collection of “Mad Men”-esque glasses and I’m consistently jealous.

    8. Yes, the covetousness inaugerated by the glasses alone is reason enough to tempt my rotten fate at this sort of thing (i.e., though I’m compulsive in my trying, I’ve never been picked for anything).

    9. Okay, there are lots of things I probably need more, but I MUST HAVE those old-fashioned glasses from the first photo! There’s not much I like more than mid-century barware!

    10. I love all things Alessi and those glasses are very stylish! Hope to see you before I leave…in the meantime, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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