Seven Quick Takes

I am so far behind in telling you about all the minutiae of my life that if I save all of these things for their own individual blog post I will never catch up. Life marches endlessly onward, don’t you know? So I’m going to give you all a delicious hodgepodge of life updates in list form. Are you ready? Buckle up and let’s go!

1. Car Trouble: Part I

So, obviously you know, as I am sitting here writing this, that I am absolutely okay and in the finest of fettles, really, so don’t freak out when I tell you that I got hit by a car while running last week. I was on the sidewalk, crossing a driveway. The car pulling out of the driveway was waiting, I gave him a “thank you” nod and wave and started running in front of him when he pulled right out! I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and he clipped me with the front passenger corner of his car. I knew I was fine, just a few scratches and bruises, so we didn’t call the police or anything. I actually continued on my run and had a really fast, satisfying tempo workout. But now I have huge bruises on my knee, both forearms, and a whip-like welt up my arm where the antenna snapped me. Unfun. It was light out and I was wearing bright colors. I really thought he saw me and that he in fact made eye contact with me. Nothing I could really have done to be safer here. Just an accident. But it sucked and it could have been worse. Sporting people and pedestrians (AND DRIVERS), be careful out there!

2. Car Trouble: Part II

Yesterday I was making a quick run to the recycling drop center with all of my various bottles, cans, and boxes, and after I sorted everything out and got back in the car to leave, it wouldn’t start. Just a frustrating clicking sound. Luckily I had brought my phone with me, which I don’t always do when I’m just dashing out for a quick errand. I called a tow truck, who got there in only 10 minutes. Of course, though, the car started just fine when he tried it. Nonetheless, I took it down to my mechanic, whom I have used for all the years I’ve lived here. He discovered that I needed a new starter AND a new battery, plus he fixed a wiring problem with my tag lights and reverse lights that has been nagging me for months. I unfortunately had to pay over $300 for all of this, which, let’s just say, is seriously cramping my style. It was fair for the parts and work though, and the lighting issue he fixed free of charge. Recommended.

3. Taper Time, Let’s Sing a Taper Tune

It’s taper time around here! That means that, as my marathon race fast approaches (12/11/10, baby!), I am doing fewer and fewer miles. The idea is to build up your endurance and then rest a bit before the race to insure fresh legs. Friday I had my longest run of the entire training program: a twenty miler. I made it two ten-mile loops around town and I couldn’t believe how well it went. The last 2-3 miles were pretty slow and I was tired as all get-out, not going to lie. But I did it. Now, I taper. Tapering is a time when runners can get a little cranky because of the reduced activity (and less of a chance to vent energy). I will still be running, but just less. I think I will do some swimming and yoga as well. Honestly, once again, tapering couldn’t come at a better time. I have an irritated hamstring and knee yet again. One day I’ll make it through a race training plan without injuring myself. One day. For now, it’s eyes forward to the big day!

4. On How I Learned Nothing in Grad School

The past couple of weekends have found me out drinking adult beverages and behaving foolishly. On one occasion, I found myself sampling the soon-to-be-banned-by-the-FDA Four Loko, a blend of malt liquor and caffeine that is said to be basically sweet, sickly death in a can. It was vile enough that my friend and I poured most of it down the drain. But then, on another occasion, I found myself face-to-face with a shot of Rumpleminze. It smelled heavenly, sure, like a peppermint patty, but I promise you the results of consuming it were much less festive. I had to enact some CSI: Apartment Edition nonsense the next morning to answer some lingering questions. Like I said, I learned nothing in grad school. Novelty alcohols and shots? NOT FOR ME, THANK YOU.

[326/365] Reading Materials

5. Thanksgiving, Thank Dog

As I predicted earlier, the amount of socializing and traveling I have been doing lately (coupled with school work, research, and such) has left me feeling very overwhelmed. I had to make the decision not to go anywhere or do anything for the holiday break, but instead take some time to catch up on things at home. I have already done some cleaning and organizing, and I hope do do plenty of cooking and reading over the next few days. It would be ideal if I could avoid ALL social things, but that won’t be possible. I can keep it to a minimum, though, which I am trying to do. My plans for Thanksgiving itself, and the meal, include making use of some of this week’s CSA bounty, making a pumpkin pie, and as it turns out, a Tofurky! I’ll tell you more about that later, maybe.

CSA Week 6 : Contents

6. Accio Butterbeer!

Later tonight I am going to see the new Harry Potter movie with Brunbec! I can’t wait. I do wish it were going to be the entirety of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows all in one go, but nonetheless I’m excited to be seeing part one at least. I just know that as soon as I leave the theater, I’ll be ready to start counting down the days until the final installment comes out. I just re-watched the fifth and sixth films this weekend, so I’m all hyped up and ready to go. I think the films have, more or less, gotten better as the series has continued. I’m especially a fan of Prisoner of Azkaban (the book, but especially Alfonso Cuarón’s film) and The Half-Blood Prince. Do you like the books/movies? Any favorites?

7. So Say We All!

In further geeky entertainment, I have started a Great Re-watch of Battlestar Galactica. With my favorite shows, I like to buy all of the seasons on DVD so I can do marathon re-watches any time I want. I’ve done this several times with Buffy, Alias, and Veronica Mars (among others). This is the first time I’ve done it with BSG. Right now I only own seasons 1-3 on DVD, so I’ll have to buy the rest of the series before long. I’m definitely enjoying being reunited with my favorite people: Helo, Starbuck, Billy, Apollo, Boomer, Baltar, Six, and the whole gang. Geeky excitement abounds.

So what have y’all been up to?


  1. 1. YOU WERE HIT BY A CAR!?!??!!1! HOLY SHIT! I am glad you are all right.
    2. Boo $300 right before the holidays.
    4. YOUR DRANK FOUR LOKO?!?!?!?!?!?1?! HOLY SHIT!
    5. We will miss you this year at Turkey Day.
    6. The movie is great. Can’t wait to see what you think of what I’ve dubbed the “grand tragedy” of the movie, which I guffawed through. Also, I have totally been accio-ing everything since we went yesterday. Heh.
    7. BSG! Don’t they all look like babies? S & I couldn’t get over how young & thin Chief was!


  2. So glad you’re ok. A friend of mine was hit by a car while running last year, and her injuries were a lot worse.

    My favorite HP book is definitely Azkaban — I love it, love it, love it, but was furious when I watched the movie and they left out Key Parts. Key Parts! Who is Padfoot? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS UNLESS YOU’VE READ THE BOOK!!!


    Anyway, I really liked Deathly Hallows (the movie), but I purposely didn’t do a re-read of the book leading up to it because I knew that, if I did, I’d be disappointed. As it was, I loved it.


  3. Ack! Glad you were not terribly injured by the car. It’s crazy how drivers can look right through you and not realize you are an actual, solid human being. I haven’t been hit while running or biking, but I come close on an almost daily basis. Constant vigilance and crossed fingers for all!

    We actually just watched all of BSG for the first time last year. Sometimes I like coming late to the party. In this case, it was definitely worth the wait! I own almost all of the LOST series and am looking forward to rewatching them in a few years.


  4. Holy cow, I’m glad you are okay! With this and the Dean that got hit while running and *died*, I’d say Auburn needs to do a bit more to raise awareness. It’s hard for me to imagine, coming from such pedestrian-friendly cities, but I’m glad you’re safe.

    Perhaps you had to drink fourLoko and Rumpleminze to overcome the trauma? Yes, I’ll assume that to be true.


  5. C – I reiterate your ALL CAPS on those topics. Also, yeah, it is kind of ridiculous how young all the little BSG peeps look in season one! It was before they were all old and jaded about the status of Earth and Humanity.

    K – That was my only problem with the third movie, too — the whole poetic thing about Harry’s patronus gets totally forgotten. However, I do really love that one specifically for the visual style. I think maybe, visually, my second favorite is now #7. I am a sucker for sets and landscape — that’s a significant percentage of my movie enjoyment right there. I have been known to enjoy movies specifically for their architecture/landscape “porn.” The first Twilight definitely fits into this category, for example.

    C – You be careful out there too! Also, I have just been thinking that a Lost re-watch will soon be in order. I loved that show, too.

    S – I know, right?! They have been all hyper-aware of pedestrian safety around College & Magnolia this year (read an article about ped vs car accidents last spring in the Plainsman and there are new crosswalks on those blocks) but it seems that elsewhere in town people are WAY less observant. My mishap happened about 200 yards from my house. WTF.


  6. Some drivers just don’t pay attention to their surroundings. I was almost hit by a car biking across a road. Within the crosswalk. By a cop car. Glad you’re okay. I bet your injuries make you look pretty tough.

    I love the Harry Potter books. I also love the movies, albeit to a lesser extent. I love how the movies have been getting gradually darker. Can’t wait to see the latest installment!

    I’m in the last couple weeks of the semester, so I’m just wrapping all my schoolwork up and beginning the massive studying effort.


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