It was a dark and stormy night…

…when I sat down to write this post. Seriously: it has been downright almost kind of cold-ish down here, and today we are having black skies and persistent rains and you would nearly think it could be fall or even almost winter. I know! Spooky! My air conditioning is not even on right now.

I had, for the most part, the lovely, low-key Thanksgiving holiday of my dreams. I stayed home, watched a lot of movies and read some books, and cooked some good food for myself. I wasn’t planning on going all out for dinner or anything, since it was just going to be me, but when the grocery store didn’t have the protein I’d been looking for, I wound up getting flustered and I just decided on the spot to buy a Tofurky.


Yes, one of these. I’ve made one once before, and it’s just ridiculously easy and tastes really good. Surprisingly good. I’m not usually interested in processed boxed foods, but this is a rare exception.

[327/365] CSA Week 6 : Contents

I put that together with some of the usual vegetable fare from my CSA farm’s bountiful Thanksgiving-week harvest and came up with this:


It. Was. Great. Those little carrots were delicious.

[329/365] Forked

I just love any roasted vegetable, but carrots are a particular favorite.

I also made myself a vegan pumpkin pie (recipe here), which was delicious as well — so delicious, in fact, that I am downright relieved to have finally eaten the last piece. I mean, as long as it was around, I had to keep eating it. To be forced to eat a piece of pumpkin pie every night after dinner? I tell you; life is hard.

The short break, however, is over. We are back in classes this week with final exams to follow. While I cling desperately to the memories of cozy pajamas and books and couches and pie, life and the fall semester march relentlessly on. Eyes forward; both hands on the wheel: work and grading and paperwork and clean eating and good hydration and no more silly happy hours. I’ve got a semester to finish and, oh yeah, a marathon training program to complete.

In eleven days, I will be done with both the semester and the marathon, and then, my friends, then! There will be blood. And champagne. Mostly champagne.


  1. I love tofurky, not ashamed to admit it! Your dinner looks delicious…I need to roast veggies more often! Glad you finally finished that pie, what a burden.


  2. Mmmm, looks good.

    What’s the deal with that farmer’s basket of turnips, carrots, chard, butternut squash etc…? It even looks like there is a hand-written letter (original? Xerox copy?). It seems like an interesting concept.

    I have a nice veggie garden out the front of my house and a 4 acre plot out the back. I’m going to turn a large section of it into a pumpkin/squash/zucchini patch and grow all of my cucurbitaceae family veggies out the back. The front will be for smaller space veggies.

    In other words, I’m trying to grow enough to supply myself and wean myself off of meat – say 3 servings per week rather than 7 at first and see how it goes. I get free unpasteurized milk from the only other house in many kilometers. Basically we are two farms in the middle of nowhere. He speaks LĂ«tzebuergesch and broken French, so we communicate in a mash with lots of gesturing, but it works.

    Anyways, I’m rambling. Back to you…

    Oh yes, it’s cold here and we have many inches of snow…


  3. Aj – Yeah, that pie was really torturing me!

    J – I belong to a CSA (“Community Supported Agriculture”), where I buy a share of a small farm for a season and then I pick up a bag of produce each week. The letter’s a photocopy, but still cool. I like your garden plans! That sounds really lovely.


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