Holiday Baking and Mixtape Making

I long for nothing but snuggling on the couch in flannel snowflake pajamas, drinking coffee, admiring my holiday lights, and occasionally getting up to bake. Yes, it’s holiday nesting season again.

I’m not sure why, but I am extra ready for Christmas this year. Unlike last year, I won’t be staying here in town the whole time, so I wasn’t planning on getting a tree for my apartment, which made me sad. I loved having my own “grown-up” tree last year. My officemate knew I wished I was getting a tree, though, so she surprised me with a little potted baby pine tree! I am working on getting it looking festive, so I’ll show you soon. I am already feeling much better about the season now that I have some lights going and the smell of evergreen.

I spent this morning baking gingerbread cupcakes to take to a football watching party. My friends have arranged a place to watch and one person is bringing an extra TV and a cable splitter so we can tune in to the Auburn vs Carolina SEC Championship Game and the Oregon vs Oregon State Civil War Game, which are (annoyingly) airing at the same time. It’s true, I don’t even know who I am anymore, caring this much about college football. But what can I say? When two of your three schools are ranked numbers one and two in the nation, you’d better get excited!

(Winthrop, where I got my BA, doesn’t have a football team, hence my usual fall battle cry, “Winthrop Football — FOREVER UNDEFEATED!”)

Since it’s the last day I can reasonably root for both the Ducks and the Tigers, I figured I had to get festive with my cupcakes.

Go Ducks War Eagle
[338/365] Ducks / Tigers

War Eagle! But also, Go Ducks!

Tomorrow there will be more baking to happen at my friend E’s house. She’s hosting a bake-a-thon, which I imagine will be like a marathon but hopefully less painful. I’m glad it’s turning out to be a holiday season of cold weather and hot ovens and warm gatherings of friends. Just what I needed after a long semester that got off to a pretty rough start.

And oh, this reminds me! If you’re new to my blog you may not know about my winter holiday mix tradition. Every December I put together a mix CD (or, as I still like to call it, a “mixtape”) of my favorite songs I obsessed over that year and I send it out to anyone who wants one. I would link to previous playlists, but they have all gone the way of the old archives from before I moved the blog last year, so I don’t have a link handy. I can’t promise the music will be all your favorite things or that you will love it, but they have gotten positive reviews in the past.

Do you want one? Just send me an email at kateoblog at gmail dot com, put Mix CD in the subject line, and include your mailing address. That’s all you have to do. Email me!

And now, tell me, are you ready for the holiday season? Do you like nesting in like I do? Or are you more Grinch-like?


  1. ME ME (CD)! I believe you have my address? Or I’ll see you next weekend 🙂

    WU! Still UNDEFEATED! Go Eagles! Where are THOSE cupcakes, Kate? Oh, well, I bet it would be hard to find maroon sprinkles.


  2. Oh you’re on my list already! (Doesn’t that sound mildly threatening?) I will probably be making them after the finals/race/b-day hoopla, so I will actually have to mail it. But I know where you live! (See? Threatening!)


  3. Oh, this post makes me happy. I too long for a couch and snowflake pajamas, with a mug of coffee in the morning or a mug of hot chocolate in the evening. (And ooh, middle of the day? The best of both worlds–a mocha!)

    I’ve been nesting too, with lots of good cooking and some baking for good measure. Today I made some *awesome* granola bars that are too good for their own good. It’s going to be rough having them around the house for the next few days…

    Happy holidays, Kate 🙂


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