Birthday Celebrations

I managed to have two great birthday celebrations this year — first, the night after the race, I spent in Huntsville, and then the next night (my actual birthday), I went out with my Auburn people. In our Huntsville hotel room we had chocolate truffles and we drank a bottle of champagne I had brought for post-race enjoyment. Here are my two most important hydration bottles I brought with me:

[344/365] Hydration

One for the race, one for after. Then we went out to this wonderful little restaurant for dinner. They had a good vegetarian menu and things that could easily be veganized. It was delicious.

The big fun was to come, though: Golightly and P. took us to a karaoke bar they know just outside of town. It. Was. Amazing. The crowd was full of middle-aged somewhat rednecky types who all seemed incredibly, surprisingly capable of getting up on the stage and really singing. They were all talented! I’ve seen plenty of karaoke in my day and never have I been to a place where everyone was so consistently good. It was a little intimidating.

At first I wasn’t sure I could get up and sing in front of these folks, but a couple of things helped me decide to get up there in spite of my general off-key ways: 1) whiskey drinks and 2) a very, very drunk and obnoxious girl and her drunk and obnoxious boyfriend who could neither sing nor read the lyrics off the prompter. There was no way that I could be any worse than them, right?

Our group sang a lot. I managed to get through “Only the Good Die Young” and a duet of “Jolene” (with Clarabella) without embarrassing myself; Clarabella and Golightly both sang a couple of tunes, and P. completely wowed the crowd and made many fans with his rendition of “Luck be a Lady.” I harassed G. & P. enough that they finally agreed to do “Baby it’s Cold Outside” at the end of the night. Yes, it’s a tad creepy, that song, but I love it and they rocked it.

I am sad to report that I have no pictures of this karaoke extravaganza, but I think it is probably all for the best. I was, after all, wearing leggings as pants (tell me YOU would manage to put on real pants after running a marathon and I will shake your hand), so I am merely thankful that my friends weren’t too embarrassed to go out with me.

Back home, I dragged a bunch of friends out for drinks at our local fancy-ish cocktail bar. I did have my camera that night and I managed to capture a bunch of pictures of my charming and witty friends.

Emily & Kelly
Kelly, Mark, Heather Rupa, Chase, & Emily
Erich, Chad, Kelly

There were many, many Manhattans (as if you would be surprised about this):

The Notorious M.A.N.H.A.T.T.A.N.

And at one point I felt the need to eat the remainder of my hummus out of the bowl with my finger after running out of crackers. You know, like the classy lady that I am.

Too Much Hummus, Not Enough Crackers Hee.

Later in the night, a few friends passed the camera around and took a few more pictures. Some of them were a bit out of focus, but I love this one because it is so genuine and exactly what I like to remember: laughter and twinkling.

Blurry Laughter

I was happy to be in some of the pictures as I am normally always behind the camera. Plus I had on a pretty dress, which should be documented.

Half Blurry, Half In-Focus

All in all it was a birthday weekend I’ll never forget. Thirty-two was a great year for me and now I’m just excited to see what thirty-three will bring my way.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all. Sorry I missed it, birthday buddy! We’ll have to have a wee (or not so wee) New Year celebration once I return to Auburn. Looking forward to it!


  2. Oh, I need so very little encouragement to continue the celebrating! We will definitely have to get together and do something when you’re back!


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