Snow, Sports, & Some Snot

Greetings, People of the Internet! Is the great snowstorm of 2011 coming for you? It is allegedly coming for me — yes, even here in the depths of the Deepest South. We got word yesterday that the university had decided to close on Monday. Apparently reports of “winter weather” were enough to prompt this measure.

I am all for holding back the start of the semester one more day, but is there really anything to worry about? It seems that winter weather here in Alabama is never all that serious. On the other hand, my friend Clarabella has just posted a photo on Facebook showing her driveway completely covered with snow. She lives far enough West of me that she gets the weather system about a day before I do, so it looks like that’s what’s coming my way. Well then.

I love snow, as you may know. Winter is my favorite. The only potential problem is this: how am I going to get together with my friends to watch the Oregon vs. Auburn national championship game if it is too icy to drive? And, if I am stuck at home, what if power goes out and I’m unable to watch the game at all? I mean, food, heat, safety — sure, these are nice, but PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!

Cam Newton and LaMichael James. Like I had to tell you that.

I have basically been anticipating this game since midway through the football season, when things started to get interesting enough for me to want to watch every Oregon game and every Auburn game because strangely enough they were both having really great seasons and wouldn’t it be funny if they played each other in a bowl game? There’s no way I can miss it, even if I have to snow-hike over to my friend B’s house, praying her satellite TV service doesn’t go out.

I even have the hideous outfit of my dreams all ready to go: a bright orange and blue AU t-shirt with a forest green and highlighter yellow UO hoodie for the top layer. I will be the most clashing person around, that is for sure. (Pictures to come, of course!) Whatever happens, I have a 100% chance of one of my teams winning. Sadly, also a 100% chance of one of my teams losing. Hopefully I will be able to watch 100% of the game. Come on, winter, don’t mess with me.

In other news, I am now paying for making fun of my wimpy, can’t-get-started cold. Just as I was thinking it had gone away, I suddenly couldn’t breathe through my nose anymore. Then on came the fever, aches, and chills with their friend, the skull-splitting sinus headache. Huh? After four days of wondering if I really had a cold or if I was just imagining it, my symptoms went from almost unnoticeable to completely incapacitating in about two hours. Let me submit to you that there is nothing more disgusting than the way it feels when you wake up in the morning after you have been breathing through your mouth all night.

I’m feeling much improved tonight, though, thanks I’m sure to spending literally all of my time on the couch or in bed. I have been watching tons of movies via Netflix instant play (if you have Netflix, is there anything great on instant play I should check out?) and finishing my re-watch of season one of Battlestar Galactica. Damn man that is a great show. I’ve just started season two. Better get back to it.

Keep your fingers crossed for no power outages tomorrow!


  1. It is still coming down here. Maybe an inch or so on the ground. Maybe more. I am not a good judge of these things since I generally dislike the snow. I am not equipped to deal with this much winter. I wish you were here. I would feel better. As it is, I’m not sure I can get out of the driveway. Wah.


  2. Aww…well, if I were there, I would be enjoying the snow but also not trying to drive anywhere! Hopefully you can stay put until the icy roads are clear. And hey, your town is small enough that you *could* walk to the store if you really needed to. It would be sort of an adventure! Otherwise, I hope your power stays on and you can stay cozy inside.


  3. Just ventured down the driveway. My boots say at least two inches. Over a layer of ice. Oy oy.
    We may actually have to walk. Perhaps someone in this town can drive & we can get a ride.


  4. Even though saying “LaMichael” makes me laugh out loud every single time, I’m such a fan of that man.

    I’m also a fan of Portland getting its proverbial panties in a twist about Potential snow! That is maybe coming! and then it warms up (almost 50 today, allegedly!) and just rains. Oh, Oregon, you are quite amusing.

    I hereby bequeath all of Oregon’s future imaginary snow days to you. ; )


  5. I love LaMichael too. It’s because he is The Michael, which is what I always call him. Glad he’ll be back next year. And I accept your snow days gleefully!


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