In Which I Declare My Own Delurking Day

I was wondering the other day if it was too late to make a New Year’s resolution. Could we call it a Late January resolution? The thing is, I have another thing I want to do this year and that is this: comment on more blogs!

Lately I have found a ton of great new blogs, and while I managed to add them all to my RSS reader and even add most of them to my links page (working on completing that list), I still haven’t commented on all of them, or, if I have commented, I don’t manage to do it regularly.

If you don’t have a blog yourself, you may not know this: receiving comments is basically the best thing ever. It is like crack to us bloggers. It makes us feel like we are no longer shouting out into the ether, like a street-corner conspiracy theorist in a sandwich board.

The problem is this: I often feel like I have to have the perfect witty comment and if I don’t, why should I bother? Sometimes I long for the easy simplicity of the Facebook “like” button, whereby I could add positive feedback without having to generate the content of said feedback. No thought required! But then again this is why blogs are better than Facebook. We have to put some thought into things.

But I plan not to be stopped by that pressure any more. I am no longer going to worry about having just the right clever witticism to post in the comments section of my favorite blogs — if the extent of my thought process is “like!,” then maybe I will simply post that. I don’t promise to post a comment on every blog post I read every day (I read dozens if not hundreds), but I’d like to be more comment-happy.

And would you join me?

Every year, there’s some (official?) day in the world of blogs declared to be “Delurking Day,” where readers who don’t usually post comments are encouraged to post a comment, outing themselves, and saying hello to the blogger for the first time. I always, always want to participate in Delurking Day and I always, always miss it! I have never done a delurking post here.

Well, this year I missed the day again, but I have decided to celebrate it anyway. I declare today to be Delurking Day II (Comment Boogaloo) here at Yup, today. I say we stand up to The Man and comment whenever we choose!

So, would you please say hello down in the comments section today? New readers and old readers alike!

You don’t need to leave your real name or email or anything and I promise not to stalk you, but I’d love to “meet” you. For those who have a blog or are on Twitter, would you leave me a link so I can find you? And, bonus!, I have just added threaded comments, so I can reply to you individually and you can reply to each other. Fancy.

If you can’t think of what to say, you might tell me: what is the best food item you’ve eaten recently?

And while you are busy with that, I am off to go comment on some blogs!


  1. I fear leaving lame comments all the time. Sometimes I will type and entire comment out and then erase it because I start over thinking it. So lame, especially when I know love even the tiniest of comments.

    Anyway, the best thing I’ve eaten lately is a slice of Schwann’s Andes Mint Pie. After a long time without sugar, it pretty much tasted like a slice of heaven. It was the best High Fructose Corn Syrup I’ve had in ages! πŸ™‚


    1. Oh em gee, Holly, you are the first comment I get to test out my “reply” feature on! You should win a prize of some kind. Perhaps this reply comment?

      Anyway, that thing where you type up a comment and then second-guess and delete it? ME TOO. Why? I should vow never to do that again.

      Andes mint pie. Sounds DELICIOUS.


  2. I haven’t been eating anything much aside from Halls Cough Drops, but I’ve been hankering for some minty goodness too. Specifically: peppermint bark. I asked for some for Christmas to no avail, and now it’s too postholiday. Alas.


    1. Oh, I bet it is never too late for peppermint bark. I was planning to try to make some at Christmas, but I ruled it out because I didn’t feel like searching for vegan white chocolate chips. If I ever find any, though, I will make a batch (seasonal or not!) and you can have some.


  3. hello, i am new! πŸ™‚

    i used to be SO GOOD about commenting on blogs! but it was when i was really interested in my blog and community and blah blah… lol. i got to the point where i was barely posting myself, so felt little need to comment on others.. but agreed comments are the best. πŸ™‚


  4. Oh HOORAY. I have been thinking really, really hard about delurking here, because I’ve gone through and read all your archives, and added you to my google reader, and I clearly think you and your blog are pretty great. I’m not usually a lurker, but I guess I have been here. So again, hooray for delurking!

    p.s. the most delicious food item I’ve eaten in recent days was probably the zucchini I sliced very thin and sauteed with garlic, paprika, sea salt and pepper. I ate it on toast and it made me very happy, indeed.


  5. I couldn’t really think of anything to say, so I’ll resort to a link dump which I shall entitle:

    Nabokov Theory: From Lepidoptera to Lolitas: Correlation or Causation?


  6. I sort of wish I still had a blog you could comment on, but I’ve found that I prefer Twitter to writing longer blog entries. Perhaps I should look into Tumblr, as I like the idea of sharing things I find on the internet but want to avoid broadcasting all those things Facebook or Twitter daily. Hmm.

    Anyway, the best thing I’ve had to eat recently was a carne asada wet burrito from Burrito Boy after a long run on Sunday. Sorry, I know it’s not anywhere close to being vegan, but I had to stop the burrito hallucinations that began around the eighth mile.


    1. There was a time way back when it seemed like everyone had a blog! All us OR peeps and tons of my other friends, too. I miss that. But I love that we are all on the Twitter now. It’s like a party every day.

      This tumblr thing … I’m not sure I know what I myself would use it for, but I keep being tempted to get one. I basically try every social media thing at least once. Heh. It’s more for sharing stuff?


  7. Hello! The best thing I ate yesterday was a bowl of sticky toffee pudding that put me out for the rest of the afternoon (small price to pay). But before that, the nicest thing was a plate of carrot and swede mash, which tasted almost exactly how my mother use to make it – i.e., mainly of butter.


  8. This is such a great idea! I’m going to try to do the same. I feel like I have to have the perfect comment, too, or I just say nothing but NO MORE. Also, thank you for reminding me that I haven’t updated the links on my blog in at least a year.

    The best thing I’ve eaten lately was probably, hmm, pizza? Can’t go wrong with pizza.


  9. Kate, I love this! That line about the streetcorner conspiracy theorist in a sandwich board? HILARIOUS! And it’s so true!

    I’m also trying to comment more often, though I suffer from Lack of Brilliantly Witty Comments Syndrome. I also find that I love to read a big chunk of archived blog posts in one sitting, sort of like the blog version of reading a novel. You can see how my reading style might clash with being a frequent commenter πŸ™‚

    Write on, blog friend.


    1. Yes, the archives! That is my problem too. I find a new blog and then read all the archives in order from the beginning, and then I feel too weird about leaving a comment once I catch up to “real time.”


  10. I am not witty before 9 a.m., so I’m going to answer your supplied question, because it really was TO DIE FOR.

    A local bistro in my neck of the woods has revamped their menu to only purchase from local grocers/vendors, so we stopped in the other night for the best meal I’ve had in FOR.EV.ER.

    From the homemade bacon rolls with homemade maple butter (OMG, I took home the recipe.. may not be gluten free, but HOLY HELL), to the seared venison loin with crawfish/sweetpotato/barley hash, to the toffee bread pudding with almond bourbon sauce.. I’ve not had a meal so satisfying in a LONG while.

    Next time you’re up here, we will totally rock that joint.


    1. That sounds good! You gotta love it when restaurants focus on fresh local food. I went to this place in Huntsville in December, 1892 East, that had that going as well. It was amazing! Very small and charming and GREAT service & food.


      1. Still lurking. I believe someone told me @SarahLena lives in Huntsville, so she may be talking about THAT VERY PLACE! That was awesome. Now I’m hungry.

  11. Love this idea. I would be witty but, as I think you know, the plague has struck the Seymour household and lo, my cleverness is currently seeping out of my sinuses and running down my throat. Mmm.

    But the husband did bring back some Kona coffee glazed macadamia nuts from, well, Kona, and they are DELICIOUS. Also, my neighbor brought over fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that are just the tiniest bit salty and so, so good. Would be even better if my taste buds were functioning, I’m sure.


  12. I read all your posts and comment on maybe a handful. But know that I always appreciate them! I read so many blogs that it’s hard to comment on them all, but I make a point to leave weekly-ish comments on my favorites, especially if they’re smaller blogs. They ladies who get 600+ comments per post don’t need another one from me. But the bloggers who get 5-10 comments? I want them to know I’m reading, mostly so they’ll keep blogging! (The smaller blogs are usually my top reads anyway. They’re often more “real.”)

    The best thing I’ve eaten lately is popcorn with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. It is to die for!


    1. You are a great commenter! I am with you on the number of comments principle, too. If someone gets hundreds of responses I am much less likely to leave my own comment. Will they even have time to read it? It’s overwhelming! But blogs with smaller readerships will have time to read it and it may mean more.

      OK, also, I just bought some nutritional yeast from the bulk bins and I need to try it out. I’m excited. (Yes, excited about yeast!)


      1. You can make a great, simple cheezy sauce with nutritional yeast! There is a recipe in Veganomicon but if you don’t have that book then I can email it to you. I like to smother roasted potatoes in cheezy sauce – it’s my ultimate comfort food!

  13. You make a very good point, and I wanted to thank you for commenting on my wife’s blog (Athletic Monkey). In fact, your comment has inspired me to comment more on her blog, as well as inspiring me to comment on your blog. But you don’t have to comment on my thanking you for commenting, unless you really want to.

    Buena suerte


    1. Oh, now I am commenting on your comment. I am reply-happy with this new threaded comments thing I added. I love your wife’s blog – she’s great!


  14. Tumblr blogs DO have a “like” button! But comments are so much cooler. And you have to be a Tumblr user to do the “like” thing, anyway.

    Umm, I haven’t really had any good food lately. I’ve kind of just been snacking on Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Someday I’ll grow up and actually cook myself regular dinners.


    1. No shame in Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I love that stuff. Haven’t had it recently, though. (I wonder if it contains milk?)

      Maybe I will sign up for a tumblr account just so I can investigate.


  15. Hi. I’d rather give the ear scratch but all you actually get is this comment.
    I just made quinoa for the first time last week (and again this week!) and I’m in love! πŸ™‚


  16. Hi Kate! I read your blog regularly and try to comment…even if it is to disagree with your favorite Decemberists album. I love your photography and you’ve inspired me to do a 365 project (starting at my birthday as a reward for finishing up a test and a lot of professional stuff).

    Best thing I’ve eaten lately has been vegan sushi at Shojin in LA. That was amazing.


    1. Oh and thank you for the link for the Infinite Jest poster. I ordered it and I’m giving it to my partner for either Valentine’s Day or our vegan-aversary (in case I get too impatient, it’s 2/4).

      Flowers, candy, chocolate, cards…nope, we’re a DFW kinda couple!


      1. That sushi looked AMAZING. Also, hooray for the IJ poster! She will love it I’m sure. I finally framed and hung mine up. I was thinking the office, over my desk, but I had a blank wall in my bedroom that needed something, so it’s in there. I stare at it all the time.

  17. I started blogstalking you from our mutual bodiesinmotivationing, and I gotta say, every time a post of yours pops up in my RSS feed, I giggle uncontrollably because I freakin’ love your blog name thingy (Effing the Ineffable). Love it love it. It appeals to my love of words and my love of constructive cursing. (And I’m like you.. love comments, rarely leave them. But thanks for commenting on my Why post!)


    1. Oh, yay! I have now added your livejournal to my google reader so expect me to be blogstalking you from now on. Also, I just loved that post. I want to show it to everyone who ever gives me the side-eye.


  18. I don’t know how you do it, Kate. I’m writing about hookers and weird IKEA carpets over on my blog. I figured that would generate all sorts of comments but nada. With a whisk of you hand, BANG, you get dozens.



    1. Oh, first of all, half of these comments are from me! Second of all, I basically begged for them.

      But seriously, I do find that the more I go comment on other blogs, the more likely people are to visit mine and comment. When I don’t do that, I have far fewer readers.


  19. Your blog post is super appropriate on a day when I broke my 34-day Twitter silence. Not sure about other folks but I find it’s really hard to break out of lurking – after a while you feel like you have to have something major to say before you can get back into commenting or whatever.

    Anyhow, tastiest food in recent memory is a tie between portabella mushroom ravioli from my new favorite restaurant and (on a less classy note) Utz’s salt and vinegar chips.


    1. I so know what you mean. I never feel like I need to say anything important on Twitter (and hence my super-active feed of inane and mundane tweets), but with blog commenting I feel the pressure.

      Re your foods: I think *both* of those sound great. Haven’t had salt & vinegar chips in a while.

      Also! Yours is the 50th comment! I have never had so many comments before! (Granted, half of the comments are my replies, but still…) You should win a prize.


  20. Starting to type a comment, and stopping to erase it because I think I am by far the worst commenter in the world is basically how I live my on line life. Even though I know if people so much as say “me too!” on one of my entries it makes me totally happy. So, this is basically a longer version of “me too!”


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