I am back from Spring Break Part I, in which I traveled to Savannah with some ladies for a bachelorette party. I hadn’t been to Savannah since I was a little kid, so I was unaware that is has a reputation for the following two things: being the most haunted city in America and being a hard-drinking city in which one can carry around one’s booze, in a plastic cup, in public.

[71/365] Walking through a Square

It’s the kind of town I’m sure Phillip Marlowe would appreciate. We found his office, but he was out, so I didn’t get to ask any questions.


(Seriously, how cool is this for a hardboiled-detective-loving bookworm such as myself?!)

Sorrel-Weed House.Teapot
Mirror Frame

We did tour a haunted old mansion whose original owners were best of friends with Confederate General Robert E. Lee. There was also a long story about a curse on the family and several alleged encounters with ghosts in the house. Spooky.


We also wandered around the city’s historic district, enjoying all the beautifully manicured public green space, the postcard-perfect weather, and the lovely things to see. The town was all decked out in green (as you can see in the fountain photo above) for St. Patrick’s Day, which is Kind of a Big Deal in Savannah. We bachelorette party revelers blended right in with the be-shamrocked crowds. Plenty of delicious food was eaten, beverages consumed, and fun had.


One night out involved a haunted pub crawl, where we were led around town by our tour guide, who regaled us with stories of Savannah’s spookiest drinking spots. It seems the city does a few things really well: parks, ghosts, and drinks. I am in support of this.

Bike Route.Bus Stop
[72/365] Block

At the moment I am dog sitting two friendly little chihuahuas, making this a three-dog household until tomorrow afternoon. At that point, I shall commence housecleaning in preparation for my glorious Me Weekend of relaxation. Good times over here. I think everyone should get a Spring Break, don’t you agree?


  1. Oh! Oh! (Hand is up in air, in manner of annoyingly enthusiastic student.) I know Savannah, on accounta how I’ve read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which is to say, I know Savannah in the way only an Australian who’s never been to Georgia but has read a novel by a wary New Yorker can know Savannah. And yes, from this position of incomparable familiarity with the town, I can verify: it’s one spooky bit of work.

    (What a great road trip. I went 80km up the road to a raspberry growing workshop on the weekend, and was thinking I was some sort of hot-shot adventuress, but a Weekend in Savannah – quel exotique!)


    1. Ooh, yes! Savannah is famous for that book! I have seen the movie (starring my boyfriend John Cusack) but haven’t read the book. There are a few landmarks around town that one can spot. We loved the trip. It’s only 5hrs away from us, so not a bad drive at all.


  2. I love Savannah.

    I mean, I never been there, but I LOVE it. What? Makes sense to me.

    Sounds like a lovely trip, and perfect way to cue up You Weekend. Enjoy!


    1. It was awesome and I bet you would indeed enjoy the city. It would be so fun to run in! (But alas we were not feeling up to a run on any morning as you can imagine.) Good for biking, too — tons of art hipsters commuting on fixies.


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