Spring keeps trying to spring around these parts, only to be temporarily halted now and then by a week or so of cold, gray, drippy weather. On the one hand, I do not really mind, as cold, gray, drippy days tend to remind me pleasantly of Oregon. On the other hand, I am most certainly ready for warmer weather, sandals, skirts (without tights), and genuinely sweaty runs and bike rides. Bring it on, spring!

In that light, I am happy to report the following: the dogwoods are blooming!

[92/365] Dogwood

Yes, I love a good dogwood tree weighed down by thousands of blossoms. We had one of these in my front yard growing up, and they lined the edges of my college campus. Many pleasant associations, and here they are on my own street right now. Nice going, dogwoods!

[93/365] Laced Up

I am also happy to report that a genuinely sweaty run was indeed ran on Sunday afternoon. It was my first one in about two weeks due to 1) a nagging hip flexor issue resurfacing and 2) the entire rest of my body deciding to crap out on me during my time off. Seriously: while completely resting, both of my knees, one heel, and my lower back all decided it was time to start complaining about, well, nothing. Thanks a lot, aging body. I blame you. But back to the good news: running! It happened! I am also looking forward to some cross training this week, in the hopes that swimming and biking will keep me sane while not aggravating my hip any more. Cross your fingers, will you? But try not to hurt yourself.

[94/365] Spring Hemlines

I also felt delightfully springy today in a “new” spring skirt I actually bought on clearance last fall but haven’t gotten to wear yet. I am quite grateful to Past KO’s thrifty clearance-rack discovery, even if the gratification that accompanied wearing it was delayed indeed.

I say all of this with the knowledge that my small number of Yankee readers are still suffering the temperamental pseudo-spring weather that is sunny and clear one day and likely snowy the next. I hope all this spring excitement isn’t too annoying. Just think: in a couple of months I’ll be sweating it out in 100 degree temperatures and 99% humidity, and then the last laugh will be yours. Essentially, I’ve got to enjoy this lovely weather while I can as it is guaranteed to be brief.

Magic Hat Wacko

Currently I am kicked back with my after-work beer, another one from Magic Hat that apparently derives its pinkish color from beets. It is crisp and delightful. Can’t beat that.

(I know. Sorry.)


  1. Beet beer! Excellento. (I’m currently lobbying my cohabitor to get some home-brewing equipment, and in light of that possible future acquisition, am very interested in innovations with intoxicants. On that subject: a friend who used to run an allotment in Manchester/England made his own rhubarb wine in a garbage bin in the corner of his flat. Sounded a bit disgusting, actually, but also strangely appealing.)

    What gorgeous dogwoods. And what a fine figure of a skirt. Happy sproinging.


    1. Thanks! I will be excited to read about your possible beer brewing endeavors. That’s the kind of thing I would love to try but I fear it’s another expensive hobby (when I already have a few — biking and photography). Rhubarb wine…now that MIGHT be good, actually.


      1. I was actually hoping it would be a thrifty hobby, but the thriftiness consists in the fact that it would avoid the whopping sales tax the Aust. govt. applies to commercially produced beer.

        The rhubarb wine might be good, too. It’s just the thought of a big bin of fermenting rhubarb schmoosh in the corner that doesn’t entirely please.

  2. Beets? Yum. I shall have to keep an eye out for that one.

    Also, I want a Dogwood tattoo to commemorate my grandmother, & I saw a picture of one in the portfolio at my parlor, and…when shall we do that? Seems like it goes with Spring, maybe?

    I am ready for it to stay Spring.


  3. Oh man, that skirt looks adorable!
    As a member of your Yankee readership (it SNOWED last week. Snow! From the sky! In APRIL!), I have to say that I am actually quite enjoying all these descriptions of the warm weather you lucky folks down south are enjoying. I can’t tell if I’m trying to live vicariously through you, or if your tales of warm weather give me hope. I think it’s a combination. Either way, hooray for spring!


    1. Snow! Gah! It almost never snows down here and, in winter, I wish it would. But the thought of snow right NOW is just downright GALLING.


  4. Perhaps I am the ultimate beer purist, but I simply cannot imagine beets (or anything outside of water, barley and hops – with perhaps the rare exception of wheat) as a beer ingredient.

    The Reinheitsgebot is my higher authority!


  5. Love the dogwoods! If it’s not raining at lunch today I’m hoping to go out and snap a few pics of the cherry blossoms with my good camera.
    I had a sweatastic run yesterday in our 80 degree weather (in DC!) but today it’s back to the 50s and rainy.


    1. Ooh, a cherry-tree photo expedition sounds lovely!

      In further weird weather news, we had a major thunderstorm & power outages Monday night and now we have extreme wind and frost advisories. WTF!


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