Doing It

First of all, thanks so much for sharing all your thoughts on the post below. It is interesting to see the different ways we all integrate blogging (or don’t) into our everyday lives. Such a smart, thoughtful, and interesting conversation in the comments!

Next week begins the busiest three weeks of my summer, when all of my classes overlap. After that, I’ll go down to two classes and then just one. My schedule is weird, y’all, but I am most of all incredibly grateful for the work this summer. I wasn’t sure everything was going to work out, but it did! And now I barely have time to feel stressed out about it because I am quite simply too busy.

I kind of love that actually: when my day is so packed with training, work, errands, and the occasional social event that I don’t have time to sit around thinking about my schedule; I just do it. Maybe those Nike ad writers had a valid point after all.

This philosophy also applies to my weekends right now, too: long runs and rides, big blocks of grading time, domestic business, and perhaps a date. At any rate, in the interest of brevity, may I offer you a few of my favorite photos from the past week?

Egon in Profile
[151/365] CSA Week 2 : Contents
[152/365] Bird's Eye
[153/365] Rainier Cherries
[154/365] Haze

As you can see, life is good. What’s going on with you?


  1. Oh my goodness, your DOG! He is too cute.

    Your summer schedule sounds interesting, if a little crazy. My summer schedule is also going to be nuts, but hopefully all these hours in the lab are going to pay off…but for now, it’s nice to be at home, catching up on blogs and relaxing on a Saturday. I love weekends.

    Happy summer, Kate!


  2. I am severely wishing for rain as if some doesn’t arrive in the next 2-3 weeks, I will be on water rationing. The state has declared an agricultural emergency – I fall into one of the affected zones.

    Nonetheless, my garden is booming along, despite the dry conditions. I have tonnes of strawberries and currants coming ripe. So time to make some rød grød med fløde (try saying that!), cherry pie (mmmm, cherry pie) and rumtopf.

    Also, I am just returned from a bomb of a trip to Switzerland where I met old friends, met academic contacts and did a little romancing.

    We seem to be on opposite schedules – you are entering your busy period, I am entering my down-turn. I cannot wait to be on holiday. Also, the Tour de Luxembourg passed by my house on the 2nd. That was pretty cool.

    Wishing you a great summer!

    (Is that last photo a scotch on the rocks or a bourbon?)


  3. Oh, whoops, I was going to comment on the previous Meta post but forgot! Yes, I miss those old days when everyone had a blog very much. Never get into any of the subsequent revolutions, but then again I still have a stack of old VHSs lying around… my usual habit is to only adopt a technology when it’s on the verge of becoming anachronistic.

    Lovely beer picture… makes me feel kind of… thiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty.


    1. I used to have a TON of VHS from when I worked in a rental shop. Now all the rental shops are going out of business, too. And my VCR is long dead. Oh well!


  4. Me? Got a job in Atlanta. The ATL. Hotlanta. The Dirty Dirty.

    Life is good, indeed.

    Also: I miss my own blog. Maybe I’ll stage a revival one of these days.


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