Summer Loving

Why hello there! I have a moment in the midst of this crazy work week to post an update, and while I have Other Topics brewing in the back of my mind, I thought I take this time to make a list of all the things I am obsessively loving at the moment. When life brings you stress, make a list of good things. Always works.

[170/365] Kindle!

My new Kindle is fantastic – I have dithered for years about buying one, and finally put one in my shopping cart about a month and a half ago. It took me a while to pull the trigger, but I love it. Reading on it is easy and fun, downloading new books is a breeze, and I don’t have to clutter my house with my silly leisure-reading books. I can save shelf space for my Literary Intellectual-Type Books instead, and walk around reading the latest ridiculous vampire novel with no one the wiser. Oh yeah, baby.

I have also been re-watching Parks & Recreation on hulu, which I am loving just as much as ever. This past season was so great I just decided I wanted more, so I started over at the beginning. I’m halfway through season 2 right now. I’ve also occasionally been re-watching old Simpsons episodes at W’s (the guy) house as he has a bunch of seasons on DVD. Back in college my friends and I used to watch two episodes a night, every night, but in the past 10 years I really have not watched much of it. It’s a pleasure to return to. Best episode ever? “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love,” the B-plot of which is Homer’s subconscious vocabulary builder tapes. “But Marge, the boudoir is where the gourmand metamorphoses into…THE VOLUPTUARY.”


We’ve also introduced our dogs. Egon got to meet two new friends: a chihuahua and a Jack Russell – Shih Tzu mix, who are both very enthusiastic and adorable. They seem to be getting along just fine in the park, but all three are boys, so we will just have to see what happens if they all three are in a non-neutral space together. Things could get pissy if you know what I am saying and I think that you do.

Yoga classes have been great as well – I’ve been hitting a class a week or so and would like to do more, but right now I am nursing that recurring hip-flexor injury and trying to take things easy. At any rate, yoga seems to be a good thing. In classes lately we’ve been trying lots of adventurous poses that we had never really done at my gym before. Crow, bird of paradise, head stand, and eka pada koudinyasana. I haven’t been able to do all of them perfectly but I love trying and knowing I am getting better. Today, I tried a headstand for the first time since gymnastics class as a kid, and I was able to do it easily against the wall. Soon to try: no wall, and coming down from headstand into crow.

On the way home, I was treated to this gorgeous sunset:

Sunset on the way home from yoga.

I made the Malabar spinach from my CSA again, and I am currently having a glass of this gorgeous Oregon Pinot Gris (a gift from a friend whose plants I am watering):


while I catch up on blogs. I have about 70 unread posts in my feed right now so I’m about to hop on over and see what you’ve all been up to.

Are you loving anything lately?


  1. So much things to love in this post! If it’s not too creepy, I would like to say that if we lived in the same place you could definitely be my best friend. Kindle? I hope to get one for my birthday. Parks and Rec? Best show in the world. Dog dates at the park? Yoga? Wine? Blogs? These all happen to be things that I am loving right now as well. Summer = the best.

    Glad you’re finding time to live the good life, even with the crazy work schedule. 🙂


  2. Oh man, we would TOTALLY have so much fun! That’s not creepy at all. I often think that about my various internet friends — why can’t we all just live in the same town?


  3. Things I’m loving lately: Dutch thunderstorms, Langhorne Slim, landing a goofy freelance assignment within 24 hours of arriving in town (I had to turn down an opportunity to interview the “Dutch Diana Ross” because I don’t speak the local tongue) and the weather here in general. With all due respect to your homeland, I cannot handle The South. It was 107 in downtown Dallas on Monday afternoon while I was getting an up close look at the Grassy Knoll. The hottest temp I’ve ever personally experienced.


    1. Yeah, you’ll have that with the heat and such! When I moved down to AL in July 2007, I got here during a week of 100+ temps and humidity. What a nice welcome, and what a nice truck-unloading experience it was. Especially after that halcyon weekend in Manzanita with the whole gang just a week before. SIGH.

      Anyway, I’m so glad you’re back in Europe with M and that things are going well so far! Good luck with all your hoops!


  4. Chrissy and Kate, I’m moving to your internet friend town. Meet for soy lattes at 10?

    Kate, if you’ve introduced your dogs, things must be getting serious with this W person…which makes me all kinds of happy! I hope you guys are having lots of fun together.

    Here’s my short list of good stuff right now: fresh blueberries, Glee on Netflix or Hulu, green lentils, awesome olive oil, and vegan chocolate-peanut butter cookies. I’m not sure what it says about me that 4 out of 5 things on my list are edible…


    1. Yes, soy latte date it is 🙂

      Netflix and hulu make my life immeasurably better! If I didn’t need to get internet via my cable company, I wouldn’t deal with them AT ALL.


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