Cats and Dogs

The dog and the cat are settling into the new place rather well, I must say. Flannery was notoriously cranky and ill-mannered in the old place, hating both the dog (for existing) and me (for refusing to refill her food dish every time she meowed). She mostly lurked in one place and never came out of the office.

In the new place, she has been checking out the entire apartment (although mostly sticking to one end of it), even hanging out on the windowsill occasionally. Isn’t this cute?

Cutely Daydreaming...OF EVIL

But as you can see, she just as often hangs out on the windowsill plotting her next evil act. Here she is darkly scheming:

Pardon Me While I Glower

Can you tell the difference? The secret is that there is no difference. She is always plotting. She was probably imagining the pain she would next inflict on my innocent aloe plant just over in the next windowsill, which she has come to dine upon when her supply of kibble has not been replenished as quickly as she would like.

[228/365] Cat Damage

Poor aloe plant. One morning, she wandered into my bedroom, and I was pleasantly awoken not by soft kitty snuggles and purrs, but rather by the torrent of furious barks unleashed by the hound, who dutifully chased her out of the bedroom before she could come close enough to eat me, which I am confident was her plan all along. So that was a fun way to start my day.

[225/365] Egon

Egon, on the other hand, has been being his usual charming self (aside from the occasional anti-cat outburst). Lately he’s been hanging out with his two newest dog friends (W.’s chihuahua and his Jack Russel/Shih Tzu mix, both of whom are ridiculously cute) and has been so social that when he comes home he’s ready to crash out on the couch like so:

Captain Snuggles.

This is why they call him Captain Snuggles.

In other news, tomorrow is my first day of teaching, and I have four classes in a row with no break until 2:00 PM, so by that time I imagine I will look at my students and see nothing but rows of giant sandwiches sitting in desks. Mmm…sannnndwiches.


  1. Sounds like someone might need a power snack to get through those four classes without nibbling on any students! May I suggest something with peanut butter in it?


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