Atlanta Weekend Photos

We headed to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Four Seasons Hotel. Don’t I sound very busy, glamorous, and important? It’s because I am. All of those things.

Actually, I will admit to finding it all a bit fancy, but then again I also enjoy an excuse to put on a pretty dress, drink bourbons, and celebrate. A good group of people assembled and a wonderful time was had — you can tell that this is true because by the end of the night we wound up holding a silly photo shoot in the hotel room, the evidence of which is still cracking me up days later. You know how that goes.

Here’s the night out and the morning after in photographic form:

View from the top of the Four Seasons Hotel
Three Ladies Take One
Fake Candid
Three Very Silly People
[232/365] Me/The Room/ATL
Revolving Door
Tricia and Lindsay Take Two
Becky and Me

And the rest can be found here.


  1. I like the name tags. And the late-night photos. I think we should do this one night in Oxford, hotel room & all.


  2. Fancy indeed! I always feel a little out of place at fancy hotels and restaurants, but I do enjoy them for their fanciness. It’s like living someone else’s life for just a night or a weekend.


  3. OMG! Worpress has not been emailing me about comments on here. I was all, “oh, sadface, no one commented on my post,” only to come over here and find these comments! WTF, wordpress!


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