Mad [Wo]men in Atlanta

For some reason, October is always a month full of travel and busyness. The middle of the semester brings a lot of work, and then there tend to be lots of social events going on, too. I feel like I have so much to catch up on, so I’m going to back up a little bit and tell you about my recent trip to Atlanta to celebrate my friend D’s birthday.

She is a stylish lady who happens to be a big fan of classic movies, cocktails, and good fashion, so she had a Mad Men themed party and we all dressed up in glamorous early sixties clothes and mixed up Manhattans, Martinis, and so on. As you might imagine, the prospect of glamming myself up Betty-Draper style, teasing my hair, drinking whiskey, and celebrating my good friend’s birthday delighted me to no end.

I brought a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey, just like Don Draper drinks, and I think in my excitement I perhaps had a little too much (if my making it home with one fewer earring than I’d left the house with is any indication). I might have over-imbibed, but isn’t that in keeping with the style of Sterling Cooper [Draper Pryce]? I submit to you that it is. You just can’t get ahead on Madison Avenue unless you’re prepared to knock back a few in the office with the rest of the creative team. Just ask Duck Phillips.


Here are a few snaps I took that night:

Bathroom Mirror Self-Portrait.More Photo Shoot Fun
Silly Poses
Atlanta Night Skyline

And a couple I totally stole from the birthday girl’s flickr (these get the atmosphere better):

Mad Men Party  - The Bar
Mad Men Party

It was a really fun occasion, and was (as all great parties are) made even greater with the consumption of a big, potato-based breakfast at Ria’s Bluebird Diner. That place is wonderful, and has tons of vegetarian/vegan options!

Ria's Bluebird
[288/365] Breakfast

Great weekend out of town with the ladies! Thanks, D., for hosting such a fun night!


    1. Thank you! The hair was teased heavily on the crown with a bit of a comb-over (don’t include the front edge of your hair in the teasing, then brush the front over the top to hide the teased tangles). Then I gathered the rest in a bun. Not as hard as you’d think! Shitloads of hairspray. The necklace was from etsy, now sold, but a similar one is seen here. I love it and wear it 24/7!


      1. You’re fab. Thank you!
        Unrelated – well, related to your fabulous, so, slightly related — at some point can we meet up and drink too many manhattans? pretty please?

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