I need a hug. And some bleach. Mostly the hug, I think.

I am having a seriously rough day, y’all. Egon is not loving the crate life (as evidenced here), and his pain meds, after the last dose, made him pretty sick with some digestive symptoms I can’t even describe to you, that is how foul they were. I will not be surprised if the clean-up experience leads to some PTSD. I’ll just tell you that he sullied two different crates, one of them twice, and I had to throw away two blankets. OMFG.

There’s been minor stress at work — nothing major or worth mentioning, but enough that it’s bothersome and on my mind and it seems like one more little thing on top of it all could be the last straw. Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge, as Grandmaster Flash says.

So! To cheer myself! A list of good things:

1. I taught Shakespeare’s sonnets today and one of my students alerted me to this, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, my favorite Doctor/Companion duo:

Hooray for my nerdy students!

2. Speaking of The Doctor, the second half of season six arrives on disc next week!

3. I have already purchased the champagne for post-race consumption in Savannah.

4. There is a delicate pitter-patter of rain outside. Look, I’m reaching here.

5. For the moment, knock wood, the dog is quiet.

And how are YOU today?


  1. Poor pupski, and poor you. Hope the digestive situation settles down soon, and E can be less anxious about the confinement. Meanwhile, sending you bounties of patience and strength.


    1. Thanks muchly. He should be feeling better, stomach-wise by tomorrow. I’m also leaving him with the vet while I’m out of town for the weekend. Let the experts deal with it, I say!


  2. HUGS! Although I’m pretty sure that little sketch is worth a BAZILLION hugs. How awesome was THAT? Oh my. I want to watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and…well, you get the picture. I miss those two as Doctor & Companion. Hope you travel safe tomorrow & I’ll be rooting (routing?) for you Saturday!


  3. Yuck, so sorry you’re having a rough time. That Tennant/Tate video is the best, I found it one day when I fell into a Doctor Who wormhole on YouTube. I love it!


  4. Hi there! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA over here. I’m really sorry to hear about Egon’s back, but I hope he’s on his way back to full health. It sounds hard for both of you right now.

    I can’t wait to hear about Savannah and the race! I hope it went well for you…(no spoilers please, I want to read the story and be caught up in the drama!).


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