Happy Thanksgiving!

I am writing this post from my couch, where I sit mostly dressed but still in slippers and an apron, waiting for my vegetables to finish roasting. I’ve just finished icing my pumpkin-spice cupcakes, and I made the butternut squash soup last night. Soon I’ll be heading over to B’s house to eat with her, her mother, and our friend T. At the moment I’m very happy for my little family of local friends who are making this communal Thanksgiving meal happen, especially as I’m not able to drive out of town this year to see family or farther-flung friends.

I plan to eat tons of wonderful (vegan!) fall dishes, drink myself silly on champagne, and then we are going to go see Breaking Dawn. Yes. I know. Look, while I admittedly enjoyed the hell out of that series of books, I found the fourth one to be the worst of them. But I’ve seen all the other films and I have a need to see the series through. Laugh all you want, but I will most certainly have fun watching sexy vampires and werewolves on screen while in a champagne-and-carbs semi-coma.

I hope those of you also celebrating Thanksgiving are having a lovely holiday, and I hope all of you (even you crazy foreginers for whom today is just a Thursday in November, for shame) are eating well and feeling fine. Cheers!


  1. Have fun! I think we’re going on Sunday. I just can’t wait for The Scene, you know the one. No, not that one, the one later.


  2. Am on the couch as well with my canine house guest Cisco. I’m not cooking anything (am only in charge of bringing wine), but am looking forward to a Thanksgiving feast at my friends’ P and C’s house later tonight. Wish I could also be with you guys in Auburn, especially for the champagne, general silliness, and Breaking Dawn. So from my couch to your couch, I’m wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!


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