Back to Reality — So Long as They Have Nog There

Thanksgiving break is long over and I am back to work in the real world. In spite of the universe trying to kill me with falling, asbestos-laden ceiling tiles in the employee bathroom and a dead hard drive on my office computer, things are going well!

The bathroom has been cleaned up, my iMac has been replaced with a newer one, and I am spending my days hard at work, staring at the screen just so:

This is my "Hard at Work" face.

It’s hard to tell whether I am absorbed by a brilliant student argument, a writing and research problem, or just something ridiculous somebody said on Twitter, isn’t it? But if I were a betting woman, I would place my money on the latter.

Yesterday was a great day at home: not only did I get a Christmas tree, but Egon finally got to spend his first evening out of the crate! He’s not allowed to jump up and down and on and off of the furniture due to the potential to re-injure his fragile little spine (*tear*), so I have been keeping him on a leash and (as I call it) “air-lifting” him on and off the couch as needed. He is still in the crate at night and when I’m at work, though, when he can’t be supervised.

Two wonderful things.Lights on!

So last night was a very cozy one indeed, with the Christmas lights on, the Hogfather streaming on Netflix, and a couch full of creatures. W was over at my place with his two dogs, so we had a dog-human-dog-human-dog double-decker club-sandwich-style arrangement going on, in which metaphor I suppose the dogs are the bread; W is the turkey, ham, and bacon; and I am the lettuce and tomato — the best part, of course.

Mmm, sandwiches.

Speaking of sandwiches, I am about to go collect a free lunch courtesy of my department at work, and tonight I hope to enjoy a very boozy and rich dinner indeed. I’ve just come from my annual health assessment/screening (for an insurance discount), and I am absolutely the picture of health. Obviously, I mean. Clearly it’s all the bourbon-spiked soy nog I’ve been dutifully consuming for the past week. Actually, I confess I have gained about 5 lbs since this time last year, but this time last year I was both recently dumped and training for a full marathon, whereas this year I am happily dating and running half as many miles. I am okay with this, especially as all of my other numbers are ideal and, more importantly, I’m not too smad* to eat. My “good cholesterol,” in fact, is so good that they “never see a number that good.” Bring on the holiday beverages and desserts, in that case!

*Name that television character and I will high five the hell out of you!

So life is grand today. I’ve got a fun creative project to grade this afternoon and some ornaments to hang up, not to mention the aforementioned free lunch to go collect, so I’d better get moving. How are you, friends?


  1. Hey, high-five! My good cholesterol is ALSO a number they never see that good. We rock. And yes, I gain weight when running many miles, which is one of those cruel twists of the universe.

    I’ve been loving your blog lately (as always, of course, but moreso) because your happiness is just radiating through. It’s so wonderful to be (virtually) around.


    1. High five! And thanks for the kind words. I think lately I’ve been so lucky with all the good things happening in my life.


  2. Congrats on the kick-ass numbers! I haven’t had a physical in forever. I need to change that!
    And I agree with Liz above – your blog is always a pleasure to read, but lately it’s been extra fun and uplifting. Cheers to happiness!


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