Festive Weekend Antics

Well, it’s That Time of Year. Finals week has begun as of today, and I have basically finished my holiday decorating. What this means is this: while I still have plenty of work left to do for the semester (what with giving final exams and grading of said exams and grading of essays and averaging of grades and easing of students’ frayed nerves and handling of students’ complaints), I have mentally declared myself finished with the semester and am already in full holiday mode (like you didn’t see this coming).

This is an odd place to be. So much work, on the one hand, and a steady influx of jazzy holiday tunes, festive beverages, flannel pajamas, and peppermint-based candy, on the other hand. At least I am adequately fueled with sugar for the work ahead.

Standing up.[338/365] Photobomb

As you can see, the holidays are making everyone a little goofy. The dogs are vigilant in the kitchen and dancing for treats, and someone feels the need to photobomb my daily Project365 picture. In all seriousness, the dogs had woken us up at 7:00 Sunday morning to go outside, so we decided as long as we were up we would get on the task of making cinnamon rolls and mimosas, which we ate while watching Cannonball Run. At 7:30 AM. And then proceeded to nap on the couch.

The weekend was spent being almost exclusively lazy, as has become the norm. Saturday morning I got up early to go race a 10K with Brunbec and Jenniac (recap to come when official results and, hopefully, photos are available), but after that I indulged in plenty of relaxation. We lounged and relaxed with the dogs and generally were very merry indeed. W and I have been watching season one of Torchwood, which I really love (although not as much as Doctor Who, but that probably goes without saying), and have occasionally been putting on old Christmas episodes of our favorite shows for a bit of something festive.

Tree Reflection.Tree Reflection
Ornaments and Lights

Speaking of festive, I am really happy with how my tree and decorations came out. I have had the idea for years now to make cut-out paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, and this year I finally executed it! It looks so great in person, but was annoyingly difficult to photograph. This collage-style Instagram manged to capture the overall effect better than any of my DSLR images:

Today I did this and I love it! Much better in person, too.

So much fun! I feel like leaving them up indefinitely (though I likely won’t). We also took some photos of the dogs in front of the Christmas tree, because, let’s face it, when you have dogs as cute as these three, there is really no other choice.

Piper & Oliver.Egon

W’s dogs Piper (Chihuahua) and Oliver (Jack-Russell/Shih-Tsu mix) are so darn photogenic; it’s easy to get great photos of them. Egon, with his black fur, presents more of a challenge, but I think I managed well enough.

Today it was back to work, of course, and I’ve been crossing things off my to-do list with a vengeance. Well, more accurately, I have been delicately tapping in the check-box on my iPhone “Reminders” app, which is surely less satisfying than really striking through a list item with the decisive stroke of the pen. In a way quite similar to how cell phones robbed us of our ability to really slam the phone receiver back down into the cradle to punctuate the end of a telephone argument, the iPhone task management apps have removed the page-ripping pen strike-out from our productivity notations. Sigh. Technology, man. First there’s being friends with your bosses, exes, and frienemies on Facebook, and now this.

In other news, next week is my birthday and I’m having a few people over for drinks and snacks. What is your favorite simple party snack? I need ideas!


  1. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR DOGS. All of them! They look like such an adorable bunch.

    As for party snacks — I love rosemary/brown sugar mixed nuts (there’s an Ina Garten recipe floating around on line.) I also love the Asparagus Gruyere Puff Pastry Tart from Martha Stewart. Of course, Martha Stewart. Of course. Crudite with a few dips? Cheese/crackers? Lots of beverages? You can’t go wrong, really.


    1. Thanks! I love them, too 🙂

      These are good ideas! I may look into the seasoned nuts idea. MMMM, HOT TASTY NUTS. (Mainly just so I can say that, because I am twelve.)


  2. Lovely!! We decorated this weekend and that doing so has made me feel more at home in my home than any other thing I’ve done since we moved in. Ahhh, holidays. I’ll take it.


    1. Yeah, there’s something about a tree and lights and such that really does it. This is my first holiday in my new place, now that I think of it. Yay!


  3. Love your decorations!!
    Happy early birthday. My favorite party snack is my guacamole. The secret is adding a minced chipotle in adobo sauce for some smoky heat. Delicious.


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