Creative Projects for 2012

For the past two years, I have taken at least one photograph a day as part of Project 365, and it’s been one of the best creative efforts I’ve participated in lately. I have really loved documenting my days and my years in this way — looking back over the photos brings back so many memories of days and details and moments that might otherwise have faded away. As you might be able to predict, I’ll be doing the project again this year, with a bonus day thrown in because it’s leap year!

As always, I’ll be sharing a lot of the photos here, including the most recent one in the sidebar. You can always follow along with everything on flickr, too, if you like. I often take more than one photo a day, and everything will wind up there. If you’re doing Project 366 (or something similar) this year, would you leave me a comment so I an follow your photos, too?


In other photography goals, one thing I would really like to work on this year is portraits. I have gotten pretty decent at photographing dogs and still-lifes of food and drink, but portraits are often difficult. First of all, I tend to take pictures indoors in low lighting, making it easy to get a blurry one if the subject moves. Second of all, well, not everyone wants me sticking a camera in his or her face, you know? Dang, man, but why do people gotta be so difficult?

Talk to The HAND.

At any rate, to get myself inspired, I made a new photo set of all my favorite portraits since I started flickr (and digital photography, at all) back in 2005. There’s a pretty big range of quality and technical skill represented there. I think some of those might have actually been taken with a Motorola RAZR, the camera phone I had before I got a digital point-and-shoot, iPhone, or DSLR. Man oh man. Anyway, I chose my favorites just based on how much I liked the photo, the moment, the memory, or whatever it was I captured. I’m hoping that as I keep trying to take more portraits going forward, I can work on improving them technically and capturing the subjects better, too.

(Note to my friends: be ready! I could come for you at any time.)

Walrus, Dubious..Good Lighting

Regarding the blog in general, I also have some more thoughtful posts in mind that I’d like to write, including some relationshippy stuff (from my past, not my present) inspired by Allstate’s Mayhem Guy commercials, thoughts about the way I eat (spoiler: eggs and dairy are now occasionally involved), and credit card debt. Love, food, and money? That sounds serious. Hopefully not too serious. Often I get into writing simple recaps and wry remarks here, and I don’t wind up putting as much thought and planning into my posts as I’d really like to. I’m going to work on that, but, you know, in my own way.


  1. I am interested in all the thoughtful posts you mentioned, especially the eggs and dairy one. I’ve been eating eggs for the last few months and it was a weird transition, but now I feel comfortable – physically, emotionally, and ethically.


  2. You’re an incredible photographer! You do know this, right? 🙂 I especially like the last three photos–such funny, happy moments you captured.

    I’m also looking forward to your more “serious” posts.

    May 2012 bring you all the inspiration you crave.


  3. 2012 is the year of creativity, I think. It seems to be overflowing in all corners of the internet. I always love your photographs, so portraits sound awesome. You should do some posts on photography for losers like me who can’t take a good picture with THE BEST camera 🙂 Serious posts sound good too. Or serious-ish…whatever! 🙂


    1. Yes! I am thoroughly enjoying seeing everyone’s creative projects (like your photo books! I used to do that too and haven’t recently — ever since I started the digital stuff — but it’s intriguing to start thinking about on-paper projects, too).


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