Sunday, Lovely Sunday

It’s been an absolutely lovely day so far, leading me to have so many good things in mind that I can’t narrow it down to just one to post on Twitter. (Have you seen the #1goodthing tweets? Please feel free to join in by posting one good thing about your day and tagging it! ) Instead of posting a short tweet today, then, I’ll just detail all the good things here.

This morning started off with me trying to linger a bit longer in bed and Egon trying to convince me to get up and start the day. As you can see in this video, the dude gets very, very excited about breakfast. I tried to match his enthusiasm, which required a big pot of coffee. (Relatedly, can you imagine a small dachshund drinking coffee? Oh mah gah.)

I think I’ll blame what happened next on the coffee: I went to wipe up a few drips and wound up wiping down all the counters and the stove and doing a bunch of minor cleaning and reorganizing throughout the kitchen, sorting and folding reusable grocery bags, and finally installing a hook to hang my apron.

This led me somehow into the office, where I wound up cleaning off my desk and sorting out months of random bills and paperwork and improving my whole personal filing system. The house is looking so neat and organized, and all before 11:00 AM. I don’t even know, you guys, except that it just had to be done. If this is me on two cups of strong coffee, I hate to think how productive I could be if I got myself hooked on meth, you know?

(Joke in poor taste, I’m aware.)

Lake & Clouds

I took Egon out on his daily walk, and let me tell you: that dog is learning to love this routine. I can tell he knows when we are going out for a walk (as opposed to a regular business trip) because he ignores his little patch of grass and just marches confidently down the sidewalk, practically pulling me along behind him. We usually go about a mile to a mile and a half on these walks, and seeing him strut around the neighborhood is absolutely not getting old. It makes me happy every time, thinking of how far he’s come since his spinal surgery in October, when he couldn’t move his back legs at all.

Tree & Sky (no filter)

The weather was so gorgeous and I was enjoying the walk so much I decided to take myself out for another walk (/run) afterward. I dropped Egon off at home and picked up Becky at her corner and we did a short warm-up followed by 20 minutes of run/walk intervals and a cool-down walk back to my corner. I am officially allowed to try incorporating running like this into my workouts this week, as long as I start slow and nothing hurts. When I go back to PT next week, we’ll see if I’m staying in alignment and how my psoas is behaving. Fingers crossed, y’all, but I may be able to start building back up to regular running, slowly but surely.

At the moment, I am continuing my Buffy re-watch (season three, with Faith and Angel the tai-chi master!). Fresh air is blowing all through my house’s open windows and I’ve just had an excitingly healthy lunch of raw vegetables and hummus with a tall glass of Hot and Spicy V8. (You’re understandably jealous, I’m sure.)

Later tonight I am heading to a Mad Men premiere party with some friends, and while I may not get my complete Betty Draper on, I do intend to bust out my half-rim spectacles and treat myself to a rare cocktail on a school night. I believe martinis are on the menu, but I will restrain myself and only drink one. We all know what happens when you have too many martinis: one leads to two; two leads to three, and the next thing you know you’ve eaten two dozen oysters and then need to race up 23 flights of stairs for an important business meeting. Or maybe you just confuse reality with the plotlines of past episodes.

Friends, I hope your Sunday is going as charmingly as mine!


  1. Glad you’re having a wonderful Sunday! I’m leaving this on a Monday, however. Spent the day outside in my field pruning some old, neglected apple trees. I’ve been trying to keep my mind off some medical tests tomorrow and it was a day well spent!

    I’ve started some of my long season veggies in the seed trays (tomatoes, red peppers, eggplants, broccoli). Trying to gear up for my 2012 garden season, then I, too, will be all “raw vegetables” and “spicy V8”. Mmmmm V8 juice.


    1. Sounds like you’re in for a great summer of growing things over there! I hope all goes well with your tests and such, too.


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