In Which Everyone Parties, Even the Cat

Yesterday I went to my first baseball game of the season! I love baseball. It’s truly the great American game. Going to see the Tigers play on campus is great because it’s fun, convenient, and cheap. I also really like to go down to Montgomery and see the Biscuits play, because minor league baseball always happlily reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Bull Durham. Hopefully some Biscuits games will be in my future this summer.

Home Plate, Dugout, and Stands
[91/366] The Pitch

Afterward we wound up at a new restaurant/bar in town. This place offers breaded/fried green beans, which, I have to believe, are basically as healthy as a salad and as delicious as French Fries and therefore a superfood. They also have Abita Andy Gator on tap, which is my current favorite beer. We were there watching the Final Four games — I’m not really a basketball fan, but if you’re watching with friends and beers and snacks and hilarious conversation, you really can’t go wrong, in my opinion. We basically had a complete blast and laughed our asses off all night.

The only downside was that when we came back to my house at the end of the night (for continued socializing and beer/candy consumption), it was discovered that Flannery the Cat had basically covered my entire office floor with barf. I don’t know what was up with that. Maybe she also had too much beer to drink? Anyway, I assure you it was unpleasant. I had done an inadequate job of cleaning it up last night, so when I woke up this morning I had to try again. If you have a mild hangover and are therefore already feeling slightly volatile, may I recommend scrubbing cat barf out of your carpet? It really is the icing on the cake. As I sat there scrubbing away, I just reminded myself of my future plans: buy a house of my own and do not have a single scrap of carpet in it. No carpet! I hate carpet! Carpet is from hell.

In spite of that small hiccup, my weekend is otherwise shaping up to be quite excellent indeed. I am writing this post from the patio at Starbucks, where I am keeping Becky company while she works on grading and we sip iced coffees. Very pleasant Sunday afternoon activity, indeed. I’m looking forward to this coming work week, too: for one thing, it’s sonnet week (I love sonnets), and for another thing, it’s a short week. I’m taking Friday off to go visit Clarabella in Mississippi! Cannot wait.

On another note, thanks for all your comments on the first of the Mayhem Guys posts. I have plans for several more of those, but don’t worry, they won’t all have surprise sad endings. Sorry that one was kind of a bummer.

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