Odds & Ends

I am currently on a three-week break between physical therapy sessions so I can try running just a bit. I am doing one-to-two-minute intervals, currently. I’m supposedly on the mend, but after today’s run, which consisted of a mere 15 minutes of running broken up over a 45-minute walk, my hip is hurting again. Maybe it’s fatigue, or maybe I strained or knotted up the psoas again. Needless to say, this is vexing in the extreme.

Butterfly spotted on a walk with the dog..[89/366] Mr. Eegs is my injury rehab hero.Thistles?.[87/366] Dorothy / Cinderella

Egon, on the other hand, is my injury rehab hero. He is loving his little daily walks through the neighborhood (as am I — we always see interesting things while out and about). He even got me up from a nap yesterday by whining for me to let him down off the couch, after which he then stood in front of the door and looked at me pointedly. Whenever he sees me putting on my shoes, he runs over, grabs the shoelace, tugs on it, and then runs back over to the front door. It is adorable, I cannot lie. When we go out, he just strides around so confidently, and can even be witnessed bounding around in the grass in front of my building, using the little rabbit-like maneuver he always used to do when excited. I love seeing this more than anything.

The container garden on my patio is off to a great start. The flowers and the basil I planted just over a week ago are doing well and growing already. This past weekend, I bought cilantro, dill, and a cherry tomato plant to go with them. If all goes well, I might be making salads with my very own herbs and tomatoes this summer.

Basil.Cilantro[92/366] Dill.Cherry Tomato PlantContainer Garden

As I was sitting outside potting the new additions on Sunday, I realized something. You know those stereotypical post-break-up activities that women tend to engage in? At least according to movies and television, I mean? Ice cream consumption, ill-considered haircuts, rebound flings? I think this garden is my break-up garden. I’m not a big ice cream eater. I’m trying to grow out my hair and this have no interest in cutting it. I don’t do flings. So, I suppose, a garden it is. I don’t mind. When life drops you in the dirt, I guess you plant something.


  1. i’m sorry to hear about your rehab issues, but it’s good you’re getting out even if it’s for walking, and you got a buddy to go with you. unfortunately with cats they only motivate me to curl up and nap with them, otherwise i’m their door servant when they want to come in to go to the bathroom and eat. walking gives you a good reason to get photos too. i often want to take my camera with me, but when i’m in the moment of running or cycling i don’t want to stop. embrace this healing time and know it will pass. i’m sure it sucks though, but it’d suck more to get injured by pushing too soon and then ending up being worse off.

    ah, yes, planting post-break-up. i’ve been there. take pride in your herbs and garden, they look like they’re doing awesome! i’m sure it will only grow too. hang in there!


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