Assorted Updates and Tidbits

This space has been fairly inactive recently due to all the canine drama – but I have been posting on Egon’s blog every day since he went into the hospital I want to make sure all his many Team Eegs friends and supporters can stay updated. (He’s home now! Check there for updates.) Nonetheless, I wanted to come over here and say something, well, not dog related.

So here is what else is going on:

I bought a big old package of Rainier cherries today, which means we have officially entered my favorite produce season of the year. It’s cherry season! I am eating some right now, in fact (it’s okay if you’re jealous).

Rainier Cherry Season

The summer mini-semester is reaching the end of its first full week, and my students already have an essay due on Tuesday (the day after Memorial Day weekend). I teach these five-week courses every summer, and every summer I love how quickly they go by, but every fall-winter-spring, I completely forget how exhausting they are. I am loving my class, but sweet fancy manila folder, am I tired.

My recent hip-flexor flare-up (so disheartening to me after thinking I was shut of it) seem to be on its way out, so I am going to try some gentle running intervals and/or a short bike ride this weekend. Granny gears all the way. Wish me luck! I really need my favorite stress reliever/mood elevator back in my life.

I am a very lucky girl: Although I’ve sworn off paying for unnecessary/luxury things this summer while dealing with Egon’s expenses (and a smaller income), I still have friends looking out for me. In addition to the folks who so generously donated to Egon’s surgery, I’ve got people taking me out to happy hours and movies and even sending me DVDs to keep me entertained. I’m constantly reminded how wonderful people can be.

Speaking of movies: I recently saw The Hunger Games and The Avengers. Both were great! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Hunger Games books — I liked the first one a lot and then my enthusiasm and attention waned through the second and third installments — but the movie was really well done, I thought. I enjoyed The Avengers a lot too, though I found myself a bit distracted during it. I think 1) I need to watch it again, and 2) there needs to be a Black Widow movie ASAP.

So what’s up with you good people? I need to know.


  1. Can I give you a high five for the cherries? They are one of my favorites too. And the Ranier cherries are especially beautiful.

    I have to tell you that reading about the kindness people have shown you and Egon just makes my heart swell. People! Sometimes they are absolutely amazing, and I’m sure that it’s also a reflection on the kind of friend that you are, Kate.


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