I Didn't Intend This to Be a Rant about Felicity but There You Go

I’ve been house- and dog-sitting for a friend this week. While she’s on vacation in a tropical island location, I am on vacation in her fabulous house. I have been taking advantage of the big fenced-in yard where the dogs can run around safely, the big kitchen, the cable and Netflix, and the steam shower and jacuzzi tub. It’s a hard life, I tell you. All I have to do is take care of two extra cute little doggies.

Since I now have access to Netflix again for a little while, I managed to watch a little more Doctor Who and I finished Felicity. I love Doctor Who and I’m going to try to finish season six this weekend; we’ll see. If you haven’t seen that show yet I highly recommend it, starting with the 2005 re-vamp featuring the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). For the record, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is my favorite, and Donna (the hilarious Catherine Tate) is my favorite companion. The Doctor-Donna, anyone? Love.

But you know what I really want to talk about for a minute? Felicity. Can we talk some Felicity? I remember really liking the show when I first watched it — I didn’t watch it at the time it originally was on the air; I think it was maybe a couple of years afterward. This time around, though, I am just not so sure I like Felicity, the character, all that much. For one thing, there’s all the cheating. Freshman year she re-writes Ben’s English paper for him without telling him and gets him in trouble for cheating. Senior year she plagiarizes her Art History paper, proving that she has learned nothing about academic honesty in her entire college carreer. For obvious reasons, this really burns my toast.

Then there’s the relationship cheating. She cheats on Ben senior year and then lies about it and then is all self-righteous when he has trouble getting over it. THEN, later, when Ben cheats on her, she just drops him without a second thought. For (again) obvious reasons, I am never sympathetic to the cheater, but this whole situation irks me.

And of course there is the poor-me drama about how she has these two guys in love with her for basically four years straight and oh my god it is just so hard for her to choose, and in season four the whole issue of her choice becomes literally a life-or-death matter where the other characters (Elena and Noel) are concerned. Because of course their lives revolve around her.

Surprisingly, I do not hate the last few episodes of the show — the time-travel plotline. I think this is an interesting way of dealing with those little voices (either belonging to fans or to the writers’ own second-guessing) saying Felicity should have chosen Noel. Well, what if she did? Let’s see. So that storyline is cool with me. What I did hate about the end, and I can’t believe I didn’t remember this until I saw the series finale today, is that they end the entire series with a clip show. An episode of clips. I know it’s been done before (Seinfeld comes to mind), and I don’t think the clips were just filler. They had a legitimate role in the finale’s narrative. But still, c’mon guys. A clip show?

Other issues: Why did she have to return to Pre-Med in the happy ending? In both the original timeline’s end and in the do-over, she drops art and goes back to medicine. Art, Felicity. Be a damned artist. You got rejected by a few galleries on that one day you tried to show your portfolio, but buck the hell up and be a damned artist. Or be a chicken, I guess. A daddy-pleasing, med-school chicken. On the other hand, at least the art world will be spared her series of garish piñata paintings, so let’s count our blessings where that is concerned.

And the hair. THE HAIR. Do we even need to TALK about the HAIR?

Apparently I have a lot of feelings about Felicity. Do you?


  1. I have so many feelings about Felicity I can’t even handle it. I have to admit that I hated her from episode one. She was just so weak and whiny and completely dependent on the men in her life. Elena? Awesome. Megan? Awesome. Felicity? SHOULD BE ASHAMED.


    1. Oh mah gah, yes. Megan is the best. I would like to see the series re-done as “Megan,” featuring her POV the entire time. Lots of scenes of the underground and the fetish clubs and stuff. Amanda Foreman is awesome. I even love her in her small role on Alias!


  2. I have no feelings about Felicity, having never seen the show, but I have lots of feelings about the Tenth Doctor. And different kinds of feelings about 11. What do you think about Matt Smith?


    1. I like Matt Smith a lot, but just not as much as David Tennant. Smith does the sort of sensitive thing well and he can be really funny and I generally find him adorable, but he doesn’t have the same intensity as Tennant. I think The Doctor should be able to be sort of scary sometimes.


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