Recent Summer Mischief

Summer break: I love it. At the moment I am blissfully in the fun, carefree stages of doing whatever I want whenever I want for any reason I please. It is fucking delightful.

[188/366] Sushi

A few nights ago I made sushi for dinner, which is one of my favorite things to do — it combines fresh, delicious food with art in a compelling way, I think. I made a variety of rolls with different combinations of avocado, cucumber, carrot, baked sesame tofu, and (vegan) cream cheese. This was my first time trying to layer the avocado on the outside of the roll, and I certainly do not have the paper-thin slicing technique down, but I think it turned out nicely anyway. My decidedly non-vegan dinner guest had no complaints.

Sake.This sake is called "Crazy Milk."

Sake! Sake! Do you know anything about sake, friends? I don’t. We tried two different kinds: a clear, crisp, “brewed sake,” and a cloudy, unflitered sake called “Crazy Milk,” which featured a tie-clad tiger on the label. Both tasted good to me, but, like I said, I know zero about sake.

Crocodile Plant
[190/366] Jam Jar Succulents

I have also got the herb garden up and running again with more basil and mint, and I brought home some new succulents as well. This larger one is called a crocodile plant and is a variety of aloe. The funny little one is called “baby toes” (not even joking) and I don’t know what the other, leafier looking little one is because I threw away the tag like an idiot. My friend also helped me pick out a big philodendron and hang it up in my living room, but I need to get a picture of that when the light is better, so you’ll just have to wait to see it.

In other news, the Further show in Atlanta is Tuesday night, and I am pretty excited, let me tell you. I am currently listening to a live stream of their show there last summer and getting in the zone. I don’t have a clear-cut favorite song I hope to hear, but I will be pretty damned happy to hear “Tennessee Jed,” “Big River,” “Brown Eyed Women,” “Saint Stephen,” “Ripple,” or “Cumberland Blues.” So I am easy to please.

I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to bring my DSLR to the concert. Back in the day I never would have bothered, but I’m thinking now I could get some great photos both on the lot and inside the venue. On the other hand, I don’t want to have to worry about keeping track of it, lugging it around, or it getting wet from a spill or rain. So I don’t know. Advice?


  1. sounds like a great summer vacation so far!

    as far as advice, when i was facing the same dilemma a couple months ago about whether or not to take my camera on a trail run, i opted not to and i’m glad i didn’t take it since i ended up falling. it does take away from present-moment enjoyment when you have to take care of gear, but it is neat to get those pictures no one else will get for future enjoyment. it’s tough, but i’d say go for enjoying the moment for yourself and maybe take something not so bothersome for taking pictures. of course the pictures may not come out as well, but you’ll always have the great memories and that’s what matters most. sometimes pictures are just too much work and it is your vacation.


    1. I took this advice and I’m glad I did! It rained SO HARD I would’ve had the worst time trying to keep my camera dry. My cell phone stayed in my purse and was dry, and I managed to snap some photos with it that came out fine!


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