Chocolate Sauce and Love Tarps

I really love When Harry Met Sally. I believe we have discussed that film here before, in fact. It is fantastic. High five if you can quote every line! But do you ever wonder what happens between Harry and Sally after the New Year’s Eve party? After all the years of friendship and false starts and fights and relationships with other people and then finally making up when Harry puts his Mallomars aside and sprints down to that party to tell Sally, finally, how he feels, and the couple we all knew was supposed to be together is finally together? Of course, we do know all about the coconut wedding cake with the chocolate sauce on the side, but the rest of the story remains untold.

And you know I just got done with my big Gilmore Girls re-watch, and this time around, I suppose because I am older now, I spent most of my time watching Luke and Lorelai. They’re one of the best TV couples, are they not? And throughout all seven seasons we all know they’re supposed to be together, but there’s all the stuff with Max Medina and Digger Styles and then, of course Christopher. Can you believe Lorelai actually marries Christopher in the last season? And we have to wait that shit out before she can finally be with Luke again, like she is supposed to be? Infuriating. Christopher is so obviously wrong for her. It’s all worth it, though, in the end, when Luke stays up all night sewing all those tarps and raincoats together for the party and we know, we just know that what that man is doing is love sewing. Those are LOVE TARPS, dammit. But what comes next?

We’re always told the characters live happily ever after, or we’re just supposed to presume that somehow, but we never get to see them do it. What happens, after? I am in the process of finding out.


  1. I *love* that she married Christopher in the last season because I was always so “WHAT IF?” about them and then I SAW them and I was like “OH DEAR GOD NOOOO RUN” and then I *knew* and well, that would also explain why I made so many bad decisions back in my twenties.

    For what it’s worth, I have completely re-written Rory and Logan history in that they date through their 20s mostly happily but with some ups and downs and Rory has at least sexual walkabout before they end up happily married.


    1. HAHAHA, your “OH DEAR GOD NOOOOO RUN” is killing me. Yeah, I have been involved in a few scenarios where it would have been better to run away post haste. Luckily at the moment I have my metaphorical love tarps 🙂

      I think we must have talked about this before, but Rory and Logan? I could never stand Logan. (I also have a problem with Logan from Veronica Mars — maybe it’s the name?) When I re-watched GG, I could definitely see some of his charms, for sure. More so this time than last time I watched it, BUT, I am still generally suspicious of rich people and therefore find him highly dubious.

      OH! And here’s a related fun tidbit re Matt Czuchry: he grew up and went to high school in the town neighboring mine, just 20 minutes away, and graduated the year before me. I now feel certain I must have, like, seen him out and about back in the day. We always drove over to his town to hang out at a coffee shop in high school (my town didn’t have one). Isn’t that funny?


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