I'll Call it a Comeback

I don’t want to get too bold or boastful here, but I think I am making a comeback. The athletic world has, I’m certain, long awaited news of my return to regular runs of short distance at a slow-to-middling pace. My mid-pack race finishes and unremarkable training reports have been sorely missed, I have to assume. Well, world, wait no longer!

Last week I finished my physical therapy. I still have to continue the strengthening regime on my own, but I don’t have to go in to see my therapist anymore. I’m free to begin re-building my running endurance. This week, I had three runs at three miles each, all of them pain free, with no need for stopping or walking. I haven’t been able to do that since before injury struck in January. I’m still much slower than I used to be, and I’ll need to get accustomed once again to running longer distances, pushing the pace, and embracing the hills. This will all come in time; I’m not worried. Let me tell you, slow as I may be, it feels amazing!

I had a great weekend of other activity, too, with a 90-minute yoga session on Saturday and a long-for-me bike ride today. A new yoga studio opened in town and I plan to try it out next month (when regular paychecks resume), but for now I’m using the P90X yoga video I copied from a friend. It’s a pretty challenging practice and I could sure feel the results of yesterday’s work when I woke up this morning — I love that delightfully sore feeling in my abs, butt, arms, and shoulders.

[155/366] BW Velos

Today’s bike ride was a major improvement over my last ride two weeks ago: today I felt strong and able to push the pace the whole way through. I did not need to request a break at the top of a hill on the suspicion I was about to puke. There were a couple of long, grinding inclines, but I didn’t let them get to me too much. I can tell I still don’t have the speed or endurance I had before injury took me out of the game for the first six months of the year, but I can also tell it’s coming back. We rode 17 miles today (up from my first short test ride of just 5 miles earlier this summer), and I’ll be ready to be riding 20 next week, and then more.

Relatedly, did I mention I am seriously saving for a road bike, starting with the first paycheck of the year? It’s something I’ve always wanted to buy, but things always get in the way. Last summer, I had the money, but I spent it on a washer and dryer, which I in no way regret doing (I LOVE my washer and dryer!), but it meant no road bike. This year, my major financial goals involve just three things: save money for summer (with a teacher’s nine-month salary, saving ahead for summer is always a necessity), pay off the dog surgery bills, and save for a road bike. I’m looking at my monthly budget, and I’ll be deciding on a plan and automating the payments and savings deposits so that my goals will simply happen while I sit back and watch. It feels good to have a plan.

With all this going so well, I’m excited for what this year could hold. Stay tuned.


  1. Oh my god, are the Runner’s World paparazzi following you around too? They’ve started snapping photos of me during my epic and awe-inspiring 20-minute morning runs, and damn, it’s hard being a running celebrity. Thankfully I have my assistants to bring me water and do my stretching for me after my runs.


    1. Yes, it’s so stressful to be a running role model for so many! Now, I need some assistants, too. I’m thinking hamstring massage.


  2. Just randomly found your blog through your 100-lbs weight loss retrospective post on FitBottomedGirls. I have to say, I love your sass and spunk (and your super cute outfits!).

    I just bought a new road bike this year after years and years of thinking I wanted one and finally starting to save for one (and finally graduating grad school and getting a “real job” and having the luxury of being able to stick some money away each month). I LOVE IT. You will not regret buying a road bike. I still love my old hybrid that I’ve had for 16 years – I love that I’m able to put panniers on it and go buy groceries and run errands and just tool around town. But man do I feel speedy on my new ride. It’s super fun. Who needs food or electricity!? Go buy a road bike 😉


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