What I Wore to Work, Week 2

The first full week of school, and I am not yet sick of photographing my outfits every day. I’m not sure how long this little project will continue, but for now I am enjoying myself.

This week has been long and full of, um, opportunities to learn and to develop my patience, let’s say. Teaching is going well, except for my sudden inability to work well with technology — a problem I have really never had in life until now, so I’m just baffled and frustrated at own my little ineptitudes.

At least while I’m wrestling with my Britney-Spears-style microphone and battery pack at the front of the room, I’m dressed reasonably well, right? So, anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing this week:

Monday Lecture

Monday: Lecture. This was the very first day of lecture, so I had to wear Serious Clothes. I actually really liked this outfit. Without the belt, this dress is kind of blah, but I loved it with the belt. Never thought I’d say that. You will be shocked to learn that every single item of clothing I am wearing in this picture is from Target. They’re all also at least 1-2 years old, so don’t bother looking for them at Target now. Aren’t I helpful? Aren’t you glad I am sharing my amazing fashion resources with you? You’re welcome.

Tuesday Honors

Tuesday: Honors. Nothing special here — just a comfy dress, flats, and hair I was too lazy to blow-dry. I got a lot of compliments on the dress. I really like the cut of it, but when I ordered it, I thought the grey would be a little darker, and I don’t love the washed-out color it turned out to be. Dress: ModCloth. Flats: Target. The flats are actually new and available now! Whee!

Wednesday Lecture

Wednesday: Lecture. I liked this outfit a lot and felt snazzy in it all day, mostly because I love a collared shirt under another layer. Shirt: Target. Cardigan: Target. Belt: Target. Shoes: Target, like five years ago (and still going strong!), Trousers: (wait for it….) Gap.

Thursday Honors & Reception

Thursday: Honors and faculty fall reception. I had to dress to teach all day (Tuesdays and Thursdays are my longer days) and then be at a dressy-ish reception in the art museum immediately after work. The fall reception is my favorite faculty event of the year, so I knew I’d look forward to it all day. If I weren’t going to be on my feet teaching all day and then on my feet for another 2+ hours at the reception, I’d have worn heels with this skirt. It just looks better with heels. But my feet were already exhausted from the week, so flats it was. Skirt: LOFT. Blouse: Target. Shrug: Old Navy (only worn in the freezing cold classrooms). Shoes: Target.

Office Work Day

Friday: Office Work Day. I’m not in the classroom today (some Fridays I will be; most I won’t), so I decided to make it a casual day. I ain’t need to look fancy to wrestle with the recalcitrant course management system while eating granola bars at my desk, you know? T-shirt: Target. Cardigan: LOFT. Jeans: Seven for All Mankind (secondhand — no way I pay full price to buy new designer jeans, NO SIR). Belt: Target. Shoes: Toms.

Favorite everyday things

Everyday things, because some folks wanted to know: Glasses: Ray Ban. I love these glasses. I tend to wear them mainly when my contacts irritate my eyes, but I’ve been wearing them a lot the last couple of weeks just because I’m too hurried and harried to put in my contacts in the morning. Watch: Timex Weekender. I have a couple other bands for it, which I’m sure will show up here some time. Necklace: Etsy. I love this necklace and wear it constantly. Bracelets: the beaded one was a gift, the three knotted ones I made myself. Claire and I made a bunch together in April and I figured I’d just wear them until they fell off, but they’re still hanging around. I actually don’t think they look very professional (and have other bracelets that would look better with my work clothes), but I’m keeping them on until further notice and that’s that.


  1. Oh for the LOVE are you cute. And I totally just bought that Etsy necklace because I’ve wanted it since the LAST time you linked that, and put it on my Christmas list, and didn’t get it, so HMMRMPH I’m buying it myself SO THERE.

    Couple of things I need you to school me (haaaaaaaaa PROFESSOR) on:
    – Um, CUTE BUN HOW TO?
    – Collard shirts under things. Talk to me about this. I have time with things looking lumpy. How do I get around this? Because I agree it looks quite snazzy I just do not know how to execute.


    1. Yay for the Etsy necklace! It is seriously my favorite thing. I almost never take it off — only if I need a big fancy necklace for some reason.

      OK: Buns! I have pretty fine hair that isn’t very thick at all, so I create a lot of fake volume. First, I blowdry it a little bit with no brush and let it get all wavy and frizzy. (It can still be damp-ish, which is why I like to do this when I’m too lazy for a high-maintenance, full-on heat styling extravaganza.) I put it in a high ponytail. Then, I back-comb/tease the ponytail to make it even bigger and frizzier. I just use my regula brush for this, although a teasing comb might be even better. I then twist it around gently into bun shape while trying not to squish out any of the volume I created. I do four bobby pins at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and a mist of hairspray. VOILA!

      Shirts: I don’t really know a big secret. Sometimes I get all bunchy, too, and then I wind up 86ing the layer plan. In this case, the shirt is very fitted through the waist and has very short, almost nonexistent cap sleeves, so there isn’t a lot of material to bunch up and it stays close to the body. I am still on the lookout for the perfect plain white dress shirt with full length sleeves and a perfect cut. I’ll let you know if I find one!


  2. The grey flats are adorable! I may let you inspire me all the way to the Target shoe aisle. I hope you are okay with this.

    Not that you asked, but I think my favorite look from this week is Wednesday. I just love the vibe of pants+collared shirt+sweater, and the purple sweater is just gorgeous.

    (Also, I’m totally rocking the collared shirt+cardigan look today. I even got a compliment on it!)


    1. Go get yourself some flats! These are really comfortable and, for me, didn’t need any breaking-in time. Recommended.


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