What I Wore to Work, Week 3

Toward the end of this week, I found myself getting tired of taking and posting photos of my outfits. I think part of the problem is that I am processing them (and getting them to flickr) via Instagram, and I have several friends on Instagram who don’t read this blog and therefore have no real context for why pictures of my outfits started appearing in their streams. Without the reasoning behind the project and the attendant discussion of styling and planning (minimal though it is) I think it just seems so self-indulgent and vain. Like, “Hey, look at me and tell me I’m pretty!” Ugh. So I’m not sure how long this type of documentation will continue. Maybe I’ll try to cut out the Instagram-middleman and just post things here?

But I do have a set of outfit collages for this week so I might as well share them! Here goes:

[240/366] Monday Lecture.

Monday Lecture: I love this black and white dress with a colorful cardigan – it’s one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I am starting to see that the cheap Target cardigans I bought in several colors 2-3 years ago are now getting old and pilly. Is that simply something that happens with cheaper sweaters and would higher-quality items not do that? In spite of the pills, I liked this combo. Dress: Target. Cardigan: Target. Belt: Target. Shoes:

Tuesday Honors. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

Tuesday Honors: When I was picking this out, it felt like a boring, no-effort, cop-out sort of outfit, but then when I took the photos I decided I really liked it. Surprise! Tank: Old Navy. Cardigan: Target. Trousers: Gap. Shoes: Target. Earrings: local boutique.

Wednesday Lecture/Meetings

Wednesday Lecture and Meeting: Okay, this was my favorite outfit of the week, hands down. I like getting a little more dressed up on Mondays and Wednesdays because those are the days I speak in front of 90 people. I can also feel more comfortable wearing heels on those days because I’m only standing up talking for one hour (as opposed to three on Tuesdays and Thursdays). On this particular Wednesday, I also had to attend a big faculty meeting and I think it behooves me to be a little more professional for that sort of thing. I felt good in this all day. Top: Missoni for Target. Skirt: LOFT. Shoes: Target. Necklace: family antique.

Thursday Honors. I am losing enthusiasm for the documenting and sharing of outfits. YET I CONTINUE.

Thursday Honors: I was not feeling it on this day — can you tell by my expression? Anyway, I like this dress because it’s easy and seems like an instant outfit as soon as I put it on. I should note that I got it on clearance. I only buy from Anthropologie’s clearance rack because that store is wicked ovahpriced, especially for a teacher like me, or anyone trying to save money. I think I got this for about $35-40, though, which I consider a good deal. Dress: Anthropologie. Shoes: Target.

Friday Office Work Day / College Colors Day

Friday: Office Work Day. I am loving my casual Fridays! It’s so nice to get ready for work knowing that I don’t have to dress up for the classroom. This particular day was the day before the first football game, and was designated as “college colors day.” I gather this was going on all around the country — I saw lots of other folks mentioning it online. My choices for college colors are either Garnet and Gold for Winthrop (but I don’t currently own any WU gear), Green and Yellow for Oregon (occasionally a sore spot here in Auburn), or Orange and Blue for Auburn. I figured I may as well celebrate my workplace and wear the AU stuff. Shirt: Tiger Rags. Jeans: Express (courtesy of Claire’s hand-me-down pile — thanks, Claire!). Belt: Target. Shoes: Vans.

See also

Here’s a bonus photo of my orange and blue watchband, which I forgot to include in the above collage.

So there you go, a week’s worth of clothes. I’ll probably be doing this again next week, but I may try to think about changing the mechanics of the process. We’ll see.

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