Pretty Liars, Criminal Bikers, and a Movie So Bad I'm Still Annoyed Two Weeks Later

You wanna talk about television? I have a couple of things I’ve been enjoying that you might enjoy, too. I’ve also got some questions for you, and an anti-recommendation. Let’s do this:

First and of utmost importance: Pretty Little Liars. No one in particular recommended this to me; I think I just saw it on Netflix and decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did! This show is the exact sort of thing that will absolutely suck me in to the point where I am marathon-viewing several episodes at a time whenever I get the chance. I watched two and a half seasons of it in probably two weeks, and no, I’m not ashamed of all that TV watching. I’ll have you know I was doing physical therapy during, ah, some of it.  It’s just what I like:  a dark, suspenseful mystery set in a high school with improbably good looking and fashionable people. It’s also chock-full of fun references to 20th Century American fiction, which happens to be my field, so it makes the nerd in me happy, too. If you think you’d enjoy seeing the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg on a billboard in a fictional TV town, you might also like this show. I have the bonus happy fact that although Clarabella and I didn’t talk about it beforehand, it turned out that she had also been getting into it and now we’re both caught up and when new episodes come back on air (soon?) we can discuss! You should watch it, too, so we can discuss. Recommended.

Sons of Anarchy is a show I’ve seen discussed quite enthusiastically on Twitter over the past year or so, but I’d never bothered checking it out. The other night, when the new season premiered, I was at my BF’s house and wound up watching it with him. He was able to give me the Cliff’s notes on who was who, and I found myself very caught up in the episode. Did you see it, too? Wasn’t that one thing just HORRIBLE? Oh man. So anyway, I wound up starting season one last night and watched two episodes. After two, I kind of needed a palate cleanser, though. It’s a really good show, but I don’t think I’ll marathon-view it quite as gluttonously as I did Pretty Little Liars just because the darkness and violence might get to be too much if I were to watch several hours of it at once.

I’ve also got season one of Game of Thrones still unfinished, and I may or may not complete that — I’m up to episode seven or so, and while it’s very good, I haven’t been drawn to return to it yet. I probably will, though.  American Horror Story – are any of you fans? I downloaded season one, but haven’t started it yet.  I’m also excited for my old favorites to return: Parks and Rec, Revenge, Once, and Grimm (which is already back on and I’m getting caught up). I feel like I’m forgetting some shows. I guess I’ll know when they pop up in my magical Hulu queue.

And what new shows, preferably available on Hulu, should I be watching this season?

Now for my anti-recommendation. A movie I hated so, so much. The only redeeming factor in this crapfest was that I was watching it with someone else and therefore had a snark partner:

Abduction. Do not bother. Not even if you are in the mood for a suspenseful action/thriller that doesn’t require too much thought, involves cases of mistaken identity, and is peopled by unusually attractive teenagers. Not even if you want to watch a movie that you know will be kind of trashy and bad. Not even then. This movie is flat-out terrible. You’d think Taylor Lautner would be slightly better than awful, at the very least, but he was not. His love interest is played by the worst actress I’ve seen onscreen in recent memory, whose name I’ve thankfully forgotten. But there are legitimate actors involved! Sigourney Weaver, WHY were you in this catastrophe? Anyone connected to this movie is now on my shit list.

Your turn: recommendations? Things to avoid? Hit me.


  1. We ADORED American Horror Story. It is the freakiest shit I’ve ever seen on television, and it kind of reminded me of True Blood, except it was good and not Network. F/X does get away with some shit, though, like butts and side boob and “shit.” It is ridiculous, but not too much so, and some of the things that happen are just SO out there, your jaw will literally drop. Sean & I were constantly going “WTF?” after an episode. I highly recommend.
    I am going to watch the beginning of SoA this weekend. It’s the kind of show I’ve saved b/c I assumed I would like it, & I’m bored with TV right now. I am ready for the fall season too. REVENNNNNNNNNGGGGGE. God that show is spectacular and awful. I love it. I can’t think of any shows to recommend; we always watch the same things. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten into GoT so much. I hope you give it another chance. I know that show has to grow on you. I’ve gotten my brother’s good friend Courtney hooked on PLL too, and since we always text about TV, I get a hilarious running commentary from her when she’s marathoning. I am SO obsessed with that show. It’s an illness. Anywho…I’ve a whole list of new shows I want to check out in the fall season, including 666 Park Avenue, which comes on either before or after Revenge, which they’ve moved to Sunday, and looks to be a sort of Devil’s Advocate meets Rosemary’s Baby kind of thing. John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) as the bad guy. If you want to check out a new sit-com, The New Normal seems kind of promising (on Hulu), but it might crack under the weight of stereotypes. Still, it made me laugh out loud quite a few times (there’s 2 episodes up, the pilot & the premiere). I
    I can’t WAIT for PLL to come back so we can talk about it.


  2. I love SoA, but yeah, it can be … emotionally difficult. Do you watch Breaking Bad? It’s sort of the same way — totally super worth it, but you can’t binge on it without weeping a lot, and def. don’t try to watch it at the same time as SoA.

    I’ll give this Pretty Little Liars thing a shot.

    There’s Doctor Who of course, and Sherlock (the BBC one) if you haven’t seen it, and there’s an older Moffat (writer on Who and Sherlock) show called Jekyll that you might enjoy.

    Those are all on Netflix though; don’t know about Hulu. But I can get you a free month of Netflix — hell, you could get infinite free months if you have enough email addresses.


    1. I watched the first season of Breaking Bad and I didn’t find myself compelled to keep watching, so I dropped it. A lot of folks really love it, so I thought I’d get hooked, too, but I didn’t.

      I do watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, but I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to buy the current season of DW on iTunes or Amazon or just wait for it to come out on Netflix later…


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