What I Wore to Work: Week 5

Greetings, friends! It’s time for another self-indulgent set of photos of myself. All in service of figuring out my wardrobe better, you know? I’m still at a point where I really don’t want to spend any money on new clothes, so I am trying to make it work with the things I already own. This is getting easier now that cooler weather is on its way (soon, please, soon!) and I even dared to break out a blazer this week. I swear, putting on a blazer instantly makes me feel better about whatever I’m wearing. Often, a pair of heels will work the same kind of magic, but I don’t like to wear them every day — especially on days when I’m walking/standing a lot, and especially when I’m babying my recovering hip injury. I think I had a few duds this week — today’s outfit is particularly dodgy. Helpful advice appreciated!

Monday Lecture

Monday Lecture: Well, I liked my hair on Monday, I will tell you that much! (Part hair, French braid the top half of each side, gather in a bun, easy.) I really like this full, black-and-white skirt, too, but I wasn’t super happy with the top half of the outfit. A perfect, crisp white t-shirt and a less pilly cardigan would have worked better. Do you know where to find a perfect, crisp, non-see-through white t-shirt? Let me know! T-shirt: Old Navy. Cardigan: Target. Skirt: Gap. Shoes: Target.

Tuesday Honors

Tuesday Honors: I liked these colors a lot, but I felt like the outfit was missing something. I tried on a blazer and loved the look, but I deemed it too hot to wear. Regretted it later (so wore it the next day, see below). Blouse: Gap. Trousers: Gap. Scarf: Target. Earrings: Target. Shoes: Target.

Wednesday Lecture

Wednesday Lecture: This outfit prompted a “you look nice today; any special reason?” from a male colleague, which tells me two things: 1) men (or at least this one) understand “looking nice” to involve suits/blazer because this is how they get dressed up and they do not understand women’s fashion, and 2) my other outfits were not deemed “nice.” Blazer: Gap. Trousers: Gap. Blouse: Target. Shoes: Target. Duckface: shamefully acknowledged.

Thursday Honors

Thursday Honors: I forgot to take my picture yesterday until after I’d gotten back home at the end of the day. Can you tell I’m slightly worse for wear after a long teaching day? Also, I really hope it’s my bad posture from holding Mr. Eegs that is causing me to look so pregnant in this. UGH. Dress: Target. Cardigan: Target. Belt: Target. Shoes: Target. Hair Tie: Emi Jay (and highly recommended for the not-creasing and not-pulling properties!). Dachshund: Limited Edition Special Egon.

Friday Office Work Day

Friday in the Office: In theory I like these black skinny jeans, and I do not feel this way about other skinny jeans I have and wear and love, but these…are they, like, super unflattering? What is the deal? I am not averse to wearing skinnies with flats and I don’t mind the silhouette it gives me, but today I just feel a little dumpy. Maybe because it’s my Special Ladies’ Time for Ladies? At least my hair looks good today if I do say so and I do. Blouse: Target. Jeans: Old Navy. Cardigan: Target. Shoes: Target.

What do you think about today’s attempt? Okay, or never wear again?



  1. Here is my admittedly not-very-helpful white t-shirt suggestion: I wear a white camisole underneath cheap white tshirts. Deals with the see-through, makes them fit smoother, doubles your laundry. Everyone wins! Wait.


    1. I don’t have any white camisoles, either….I used to have a TON of those camisoles with the shelf bra built in, but I never replaced them when my size changed and now I never see them for sale anymore. I’m SURE I used to get them at Target but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any. Mysterious.


  2. Re: today’s jeans, I honestly think it might be the Mary Janes. Did you try it with your black flats. Something about that line across the top of your foot cuts you off. Or maybe they’re just weird pants. I think the outfit is perfectly fine, and way nicer than most of the things I wear to school.
    Re: white t-shirt: it’s prob not the crispness you’re looking for but Old Navy has the Vintage T-shirt in nearly every color, & I got it in white & it’s not see-through, which is also a requirement of mine. If you tucked it into that skirt, I’m sure it would look cute. I have the shirt in about 5 different colors ($4-7.50 apiece on sale) b/c it falls well and doesn’t accentuate any trouble spots and is comfortable as hell.


    1. I saw this comment when I was on my way home between work and dinner and I swapped the MJs for regular black flats and I think maybe it helped.

      I might try that ON shirt. I’d want to try it before I buy it, so maybe I’ll check out the store.


      1. Also, b/c I just now saw the first comment on this, ON also has shelf bra camis in every color; they usually sell for 2+ sale. The most I’ve ever paid for them was probably $12 a piece. I buy them all the time.
        Victoria’s secret also sells them.
        The most perfect camis I ever bought were Mossimo from Target. I haven’t been able to find them again, but they are thin (not shelf-bra) and soft and behave perfectly under any kind of shirt because they sit still & kind of cling (if that makes sense). They were like the softest t-shirt ever and kind of slick/shiny. I look for them again every time I go to Target.

  3. Monday is my favourite! I just love the purple of the cardigan with the black and white skirt. In the future, might a suggest a three-quarter sleeve shirt? It’s dressier than a t-shirt. The snugness will contrast nicely with the fullness of the skirt.

    Dress pants without a blazer requires some sort of structure on top. If you find some extra money I recommend buying a peplum top. If you’re going to be frugal, try using a belt or a scarf to show off your shape. You’re athletic! You can get away with it! Tuesday’s top would look better with skinny pants/jeans, like what you did on Friday.

    Finally, I also like Thursday’s outfit. The simplicity of it.

    I quite enjoy these weekly outfit recaps. I very rarely get any opportunity to dress up anymore, since work has a uniform shirt. The most I can do is rebel and wear coloured jeans.


    1. Yeah, in terms of things I think I need to buy: I am also in the market for a perfect white dress shirt. I’d probably not buy a 3/4 length sleeve, though, just because I’d rather have a long sleeve that I could roll up if desired. I haven’t found one that I love, yet. Thanks for the tips!


  4. I am seriously the last person to ever weigh in on Fashion Anything, but I have to say that your Monday hair is amazing. I have never managed to do even a simple French braid on my hair that didn’t look like a bird took up residence in there. I’m in awe.

    Also HOW MANY SHOES DO YOU HAVE?! So many shoooooes.


    1. Thanks! Only sometimes does an attempt at a “fancy” hairdo work out, so I was pretty pleased with myself on Monday. (I tried something similar on Thursday but it was a no-go.)

      You know my shoe secret? I have a several pairs of shoes from Target that I’ve bought over the last 5-7 years and they are actually still holding together. I know people say their shoes fall apart, but most of mine have stayed kickin’. I am very resistant to spending Actual Money on shoes.


    1. The more I look at this pic, the more I think you and Claire are right: the MJs were a bad idea. I actually bought a pair of black wedges today that I’m going to try next time I wear these pants.


  5. Well now that I’m so late to get here I see that I’m just piling on, but to the extent there’s a problem with Friday’s outfit it’s definitely the shoes, not the pants. The pants are adorable, but would look better with a flat, or even Toms. (I do a lot of skinnies with Toms, because I am lazy, and Toms have forever ruined my feet by making me think it’s reasonable to expect all shoes to feel like slippers.) Flat sandals would also work. (Can you do sandals at work? I never know how I feel about sandals at work.)


    1. Yes, Toms! I have a dark grey pair that would work! I also got some nice black wedges that I’m going to try, too. I think I need to just burn these Mary Janes. They were a $7 Target purchase three years ago and I never love them with anything. Time to go, maybe.


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