Three Things

1. I am registered for a 5K trail race a week from Saturday. It’ll be my first race since I finished this round of PT, and the first one this year in which I expect to be able to run the entire distance. (The last 5K race I did involved a run/walk strategy as I was still in the middle of my first round of PT). I’m pretty excited to be back out and racing again, even though I won’t be able to really race the distance — I plan to just run at a steady pace, exert myself as much as I can, and stay out of the way of other runners. I’m not particularly graceful on trails and it’s been a while since I last ran anywhere other than the road or sidewalk, so I’ll try not to wipe out. My race plan: have a good time!

[254/366] Pretty Skies on Campus

2. I mentioned recently that I’ve been feeling harried and disorganized, and I’m sorry to say that the feeling persists. I am constantly monitoring my to-do lists (yes, lists plural; I have several going at a time; I like lists) and yet I have been unable to shake the feeling that I’m forgetting something. Is it work-related? Something for teaching or for a committee? Did I miss a meeting? Have I neglected to get in touch with a friend, answer a text or email? Or am I forgetting a social engagement on my calendar? I even wake up from sleep with the feeling of alarm that accompanies remembering something you forgot to do, only I can’t remember what it is my brain thinks I forgot. It’s not a severe, constant problem, but rather a nagging undercurrent of anxiety. I think it’s partly to do with my new schedule and responsibilities at work plus the typical onslaught of functions, parties, and get-togethers that happens at the beginning of every new semester. I’m working on methods to keep myself on top of it all, including shifting to a paper planner instead of relying on iCal, which I never remember to check or edit. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’ll all shake out soon. Otherwise, do y’all have any suggestions?

[259/366] Vertigo

3. Last weekend I attended my second football game since I’ve been working here. It was, unfortunately, the second time I haven’t been able to see a real marching band halftime show. As a former marching band person (and a person who can only muster, at best, a tiny handful of interest in football itself), I strenuously object! Both games involved special guests playing with the university band — the alumni band at a homecoming game and a high-school honors band last week — which meant they all stood in a giant square and played some bullshit nonsense songs and then marched off the field. Example: “Moves Like Jagger.” You have GOT to be kidding me. I have sat through two entire football games here and seen precisely zero marching band shows. This cannot stand. Unfortunately, however, I think I probably won’t be heading back for any more games this season: my friends have seats in the upper decks, like three rows from the very top, and my vertigo makes it impossible to sit there without praying for death. (Seriously, I was so proud of myself for sticking it out and I thought, “Wow, I’ve made it almost halfway through this game without vomiting,” and then I looked at the clock and realized we were only 8 minutes into the first quarter.) And, an obviously more pressing matter: they don’t sell beer at college stadiums.


  1. That’s ridiculous about the marching bands!! As a former band geek, I concur that the half time show is the highlight of my college football game attendance. We’re lucky enough to have an excellent and well-loved band here – they ALWAYS get the half time show. If a visiting team’s band, alumni band or other special group is in attendance, they get a pre-game show.


    1. You’ll be happy to know I made it to another game after all, and this week I did get to see the band’s halftime show — so much fun!


  2. i prefer the old school paper calendar. my dad trained me on that and i find it works best for me. the one i’m using this year is the 2012 runner’s day-by-day calendar. it’s spiral bound so it can lay flat and i see the entire week in front of me. i keep it here at my desk/work station and i write everything in it, whether it’s work or recreation, and other stuff too. i think technology is great for some things, but paper and old school methods can be better with certain tasks, though it all depends on the person too. it’s just nice knowing there’s options!

    football, one of many qualities i don’t look for in a man.


    1. HAhahahaha, I am cracking up at your last line there ๐Ÿ™‚

      I did order myself a paper calendar — it has week view and month view, which I think should help me do some short-term AND longer-term planning. Here’s hoping!


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