What I Wore to Work: Week 6

I’m late on putting up this post due to a busy week and week-end — but it was full of work productivity and fun, so I can’t complain. This week will be just as busy and I’m in the middle of some prep work for school tomorrow, so I’ll cut to the chase and show you what I wore. In general, it wasn’t a very stylish week. Lots of clothes chosen for comfort before fashion, but I’m fine with that at the moment.

Monday Lecture

Monday Lecture:I found some tee-shirts I liked at Target, the ones billed as “dressy” shirts, for only $7 each. I like the fit a lot and the fabric seems like it’ll hold its shape. I may go back and get a couple more colors if these wind up washing well. They can replace the stretched out, pilly, armpit-stained ones I bought three years ago. Shirt: Target. Cardigan: Target (least favorite color of the ones I have from there, therefore least pilly). Trousers: Gap. Wedges: Rampage ($30 deal at some shoe warehouse place that recently opened up here).

On another note, I always jokingly promise whenever I post pictures of my ‘do that “no socks were harmed in the making of this bun.” If you’re on Pinterest and have browsed the hair pins, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, here. Anyway, I spot Obvious Sock Buns on campus pretty frequently, and I do not like them. For one thing, cutting up a funky old sock to put in your hair is gross. For another thing, why not just work with your own hair instead? A little teasing goes a long way for a fine-haired gal like myself, as you can see above. Just say no to hair prosthetics!

Tuesday honors

Tuesday Honors: I liked this more in theory than in practice. Oh well. Blouse: Old Navy. Cardigan: Target. Trousers: Gap. Wedges: Rampage.

Wednesday Lecture

Wednesday Lecture: My diagonally striped blouse made it back into the rotation, this time for a different set of classes. (Once again, I’m loving that I can remember where I wore what so I can avoid wearing the same outfit to the same class all the time.) Also, this is a new cardigan from Target to replace the super pilly teal one pictured from Tuesday. I love bright cardigans so much that I really consider having one in my favorite color to be an important wardrobe staple, but I couldn’t bear how worn out that old one was from all the washings. Also, I know that replacing it with another cheap one will just mean more pills in the future, but I’m just not in a position to spend $50-60 on a sweater, you know? If this lasts as long as its predecessor, I’ll be fine with that. Blouse: Target. Cardigan: Target. Skirt: LOFT. Shoes: I started with these wedges on again but changed into my grey Mary Jane heels on the way out the door.

Thursday Conferences and Classroom Visits

Thursday Meetings: Instead of teaching classes on Thursday, I sat in my office all day for bad-to-back one-on-one meetings with my students to go over their essay drafts. I figured jeans were fine for that sort of thing, so I made an exception to my normal rule. Also, hooray for blazers and boots, my favorite combo! The icy-cold AC in my office made this not only acceptable, but necessary. After hours of sitting still in a cold room, I was grateful for the extra layers. Blazer: Anthopologie. Blouse: LOFT. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Frye.

Friday Conferences and Classroom Visits

Friday Meetings: I had another day of student meetings in my office on Friday, so I was casual again. Felt good in this all day, except that this blouse’s buttons tend to get unbuttoned easily, so I have to watch my bookbag strap to make sure it doesn’t cause a wardrobe malfunction when it crosses my chest. Or I could have worn an undershirt, I guess. Blouse: Gap. Jeans: Seven for All Mankind. Boots: Some brand I forget from DSW — they’re made of canvas (!) and vegan and I love them.

I hope you are all having a lovely week! I hope to be back with some non-fashion content soon and a 5K trail race report this weekend. Cheers!


  1. Booooooots! I am hoping to wear mine this week. I love those wedges! I need to keep an eye out for some. My favorite wedges I’ve ever owned, which are similar to those, are Rampage too. I have had them for at least 6 years, and they are barely still in one piece, but I’ve never found a replacement pair. Off to Zappos!


    1. I’m glad to hear they lasted that long! These are replacing (and improving on) a 2-3 year-old pair from Target.

      Side note: Everyone says Target shoes/clothes all fall apart right away, but the old wedges I replaced are the ONLY pair of shoes I have from there that have fallen apart. I have others that are 5+ years old and still kicking. The sweater pilling is another issue.


  2. Oh, oh, oh! My favorite from this week is definitely Monday. I love grey and pink together. Also, your thoughts on the sock bun are hilarious. My hair isn’t long enough for a bun these days, so I haven’t been tempted to use prosthetics 🙂

    Despite what other people have said, I find the quality of Target’s clothing to be pretty good. I get my money’s worth, that’s for sure. I have had things become saggy and worn out eventually (farewell, favorite purple shirt), but I wonder: if you pay 2-3x what you’d pay at Target, does the more expensive stuff really last 2-3x as long?


    1. That is what I question, too. If I got 2-3 years’ worth of wear out of a $20 cardigan before I deemed it too pilly/shapeless to wear again, would I get, say, 5-6 years’ wear out of a $50 cardigan? I kind of doubt it.


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