Fall is Looking Up

[282/366] Flowers, Evening Light

Things are good here. Fall is on its way, and I took advantage of the crisp, five-o’clock air yesterday evening to go on a little photo walk through my neighborhood — with my real camera, even! I have been seeing these lovely wildflowers for the past couple of weeks, but when I notice them I’m usually on a run with no camera or phone to capture a picture. This time, I set out with just that intention:


And Halloween is approaching! I love Halloween. As an adult, I’ve also started to enjoy horror movies — I was never allowed to watch them growing up because my parents had some strict ideas about television, so I missed a lot of the classics along the way. Now it’s time to catch up! My boyfriend was simply shocked at how many of his favorites I’ve never seen, so we have made it a plan to watch some classic horror films this month, in keeping with the season. If you’re a horror movie fan, which are your personal favorites? Leave a comment and maybe we will put them on our list.

In other pop-culture news, I’ve got a new TV show obsession. You know how much I love Gilmore Girls, so you might be wondering how it took me this long to check out Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new show, Bunheads. Well, the reason is that no one told me about it! Heh. I just saw it suggested on Hulu recently and checked it out. Sutton Foster, the star, is no Lauren Graham, but she’s good and continuing to grow on me. Kelly Bishop is fantastic as the mother-in-law — but really, when is Kelly Bishop not fantastic? Never. Bunheads has the same fast-paced, witty dialogue I know and love from Gilmore Girls and the story is quiky and charming. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you might like to check it out.

And something fun to look forward to: next weekend we are going to see The Lumineers in Atlanta. I am very much looking forward to it! Have you heard their album? I like it a lot. Really looking forward not only to the good music but also a night out of town with my guy.

Hands up if you love fall as much as I do!


  1. Bunheads is just THE BEST! And I am not even a Gilmore Girls fan. Though I am not NOT a Gilmore Girls fan, I just never watched it and I’m terrible about catching up on TV programs. Hmmm…Maybe it needs to go on my list.nAnyway, it’s great. GREAT! And I’m dying for it to come back! Also dying to see The Lumineers, which I am doing tomorrow night. High Five for awesome fall things.


    1. High five! You’ll have to let me know how you liked the concert. And whenever you have some spare time to devote to a new series, there are seven wonderful seasons of Gilmore Girls! (Well, maybe 6.5 of them are wonderful, but anyway.)


  2. Funny, my friend’s brother works on that show. I didn’t know it was the same folks who did Gilmore Girls.

    Not only have I heard the Lumineers album I also have seen them live at Red Rocks and will be seeing them again this year! They are from Denver, and I wish I’d gotten into them when they were playing more around here. Big fan.


  3. I am still not sure if I’m going to the Lumineers show next week here! But we’re going to Louisiana this weekend, so that’s fun!
    Anyway, movies: I shall write these suggestions assuming you’ve not seen them. Please to ignore if you have, obviously.

    Classic edition:
    The Omen
    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Exorcist
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)

    Recent Jewels:
    The Devil Inside
    Grave Encounters (weird, but on Netflix instant, has some really creepy moments)
    Paranormal Activity 1&2 (3 is fine, but the second is the best; kinda need #1 to *get* #2)
    Fright Night (remake)

    28 Days Later
    Dawn of the Dead
    The Descent
    The RIng
    Cabin Fever
    Drag Me to Hell
    Devil’s Rejects (GORY)

    You knew I’d have a list, no? Heh. Oh, and Twilight. Bwahahaha…no, but really, it’s terrifying.


    1. Good list! Of these, I haven’t seen Poltergeist, TCM, The Devil Inside, Grave Encounters, any Paranormal Activity, Fright Night, Dawn of the Dead, The Descent, Cabin Fever, or Devil’s Rejects. The guy hates things like The Ring, Dark Water, etc., however, so anything with that particular…tenor of creepiness (does that make sense?) might be ruled out.


  4. Jot down another vote for Poltergeist, the film that traumatized an entire generation and destroyed the careers of thousands of clowns-for-hire. The production history behind that movie is fascinating and there’s the whole “Poltergeist curse” thing too. I read a lengthy analysis about it over the weekend that pointed out all sorts of subtle themes that flew over my head as a kid. The movie’s surprisingly thoughtful, and vicious (three words: “vagina closet monster”), for an effects-driven blockbuster. I’ll definitely be watching it again by the 31st.


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