What I Wore to Work: Week 9

Apparently I am still doing this outfit documentation thing. Rest assured, I have no intention of becoming a style blogger — this is merely for my own amusement. And maybe for the amusement of other people like me who shop almost exclusively at Target and Old Navy? I don’t know; most style/outfit bloggers I know of have really nice, high quality clothing. It still seems sort of silly to be posting my clearance special nonsense, but hey, I’m a teacher, so this is what you get! I do find the thought of photographing what I’m wearing has made me put a little more thought into my choices, which in turn has made me feel, on most days, better dressed and more confident. So there’s that, which is good.

This was a short week with just three regular workday outfits — and a bonus outfit just because I was feeling silly.

photo 1.JPG

Monday Lecture: This was a boring, hurry-up outfit because I was feeling rushed and uninspired in the morning. I’m glad I have a few standby things that I can throw on whenever that’s the case, but I really can’t say anything interesting about this outfit because of it. Sweater: Target. Blouse: Target. Trousers: Gap. Shoes: Rampage. Hair: Braided bun that didn’t come out quite as well as hoped, but I still liked it.

photo 2.JPG

Tuesday Honors: I love this dress and always feel good wearing it. This is one of my favorite cuts — I have a similar one in grey tweed and another in grey sort of wool, bouclé-ish kind of, ah, thing. Anyway, this is the black linen version, courtesy of Claire’s donation pile. It has served me well! I got a couple of compliments on the outfit and felt good in it. It also works a lot better on a non-lecture day, since there’s no need to clip on a microphone battery pack (I don’t wear this with a belt and there are no pockets, making the mic impossible to clip on). Dress: Talbots. Sweater: Target. Shoes: Target. Bracelet: Target. Earrings: Old Navy. Kind of digging the preppy pearl jewelry thing lately. These are cheap fake ones because for some reason I refuse to pull out the real ones for anything less than the best occasion. I am stubborn.

photo 3.JPG

Wednesday Lecture: I loved this outfit! I’ve worn this dress before, exactly as it was sold (with the pink sash), but I was happy to have been able to wear it again in a totally new way. I was also happy to have chosen boots on this day, as not only was I standing up lecturing, but I was also hoofing it around to various meetings all coincidentally scheduled on the same day. Whew! Dress: Anthropologie. Sweater: Target. Belt: Target. Boots: Frye. Stupid Expression: I’m sorry.

Stone Cold Chillin'

At the end of the day on Wednesday I got home, exhausted, but dragged my butt out the door for an evening run anyway. Afterward, I was so tired that I decided the ultimate comfy clothes were an absolute necessity, so I put on this ridiculous lounging get-up and then posted a joking photo to Instagram. Soon enough, everyone was clamoring for details. Who was I wearing? Were these pieces from this season’s collections? Was it custom? Vintage? Could the average budget shopper get a similar look? Well, rest easy. It is more shit from Target. Sweater: Target Men’s Section. Tee Shirt: Herbivore. Sweat Pants: Target. Socks: Injiji.

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