For now, pie, I am asking you to hold off patiently.

Grey and Drippy

It’s a dark and dreary Monday, but I had a lovely weekend, just as I’d hoped and planned. My house is sparkling clean and I did six loads of laundry. Yes, all of that laundry was for one person! I told you it was dire around here. My top-secret craft project was begun with great success, and I promise I’ll tell you all about it some time after the holidays. The weather was gorgeous; I cooked some of my favorite food (sesame-ginger tofu, a perfect vehicle for peanut sauce and Sriracha); and I found a way to watch the Ducks game online and cheered along as we beat the Golden Bears (and, perhaps more importantly, as Texas A&M beat Alabama — sorry SarahLena!).

[315/366] Currently 38-17.[308/366] Beautiful day in the neighborhood
[316/366] Condiments.Eegs was just chillin' with me before school. Wish I could've stayed home and hung out with him, but SOMEBODY has got to pay the bills around here!

Best of all? I went on an absolutely lovely six-mile run. That’s the longest run I’ve been on since my hip injury in January. I finally feel like a regular runner again! It was so nice to come back to my neighborhood at the end of my five-mile loop and have no qualms about heading out on that little dog-leg for the last mile. I’d given myself the option of only running five, see, but I didn’t need to take it. I definitely feel ready for the 10K on December 1st.

This week will be a busy one, but guess what’s coming up next? Thanksgiving break! We are so lucky here: we get the entire week off. I don’t know many schools who do that and I think it’s absolutely lovely. The only drawback is that we don’t get a fall break in mid October like most others do, so by the time November rolls around we are all absolutely out of our minds and really need the full week off to reclaim our sanity. My guy and I will be heading up to Tennessee for the first weekend of the break (early Thanksgiving with my family) then we’ll be back home for the rest of the week. I cannot even overstate how much I am looking forward to it. I just have to get through this busy work-week and then bring on the pie!


  1. I’m running a 10k too, but mine is this Sunday! Ahh! I’m not ready! Well, I might be ready, but that farthest I’ve run while training (and by training, I mean the 5 times I’ve run in the last month) is 5 miles this past Saturday. But it was a good 5 miles, even if my feet fell asleep after the first 3. (Any tips for that? Other than tying my shoes really loose?)


    1. Ooh, exciting! If you can run five, you can definitely do the 6.2 on race day. The race-day energy will pull you to the finish! I don’t know what to do about the feet falling asleep….my toes occasionally do that, but just 1-2 toes on each foot. It’s really weird. I think it might just be a less-than-ideal shoe fit.


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