Giving Thanks

I’m full of gratitude this year, in ways I haven’t had the chance to be before. It’s been an interesting year, for sure. Twenty-twelve started out with a slew of no-good, stupid, vexing shit, but hot damn has it turned around! The last six months have been downright wonderful.

[200/366] Exploring

Sweet Guy.Posing

[164/366] One Happy Dog

One thing I am thankful for on a daily basis is that in May, when Egon had his second disc rupture and needed a $5,000 surgery, friends, family, and strangers from the internet gave me and Eegs the support we needed to get it done. I am still amazed by all that warmth and generosity — it changed both our lives. While the operation did not give Egon the use of his back legs again, it did likely save his life. The ruptured disc had already caused softening and deterioration of his spinal cord by the time he went into surgery, and he was lucky to recover without it spreading and becoming fatal. I am so thankful that he got the help he needed, that he made it through surgery and recovery, and that he and I have now adjusted to his new care and routine. We’re both as happy as ever.

[288/366] Baby Jades.[286/366] Habanero from last night's tacos.

[155/366] BW Velos

I’m also incredibly thankful for the series of events and small moments that led me and my boyfriend together. I started the year in a relationship that was basically an illusion, precariously held together by a bunch of lies. Getting out of it (or finally deciding to, I suppose) was an ugly experience. It was hard to take action and for a while I felt paralyzed. I suppose the painful process of removing things from your life that aren’t working is, if viewed differently, also the process of creating fertile space in your life for new things to grow. Either way, it isn’t easy, but it is of course worth the trouble. Thank goodness I did! Now I just find myself full of happiness and excitement; I feel grateful and lucky and confident. The sense of wonder I felt when I wrote this hasn’t left me. Having a person in my life whom I trust without question is something I appreciate every single day.

Campus.Eegs was just chillin' with me before school. Wish I could've stayed home and hung out with him, but SOMEBODY has got to pay the bills around here!.[252/366] To the Moon.Where the Magic Happens, Part I..Hotel system down and we can't check in yet. Not a problem when the bar has Basil Hayden.. [306/366] Sunbeam Dog.Breakfast. Poem I'm currently obsessed with (from Poetry, January 1939).[235/366] Representing.Lounging.[209/366] Permission to Run.[204/366] My cute new mug.[176/366] Sunday Bike Ride.More amazing cherry tomatoes from my plant!.[192/366] Encore.Loving life right now..Reading material.[77/366] Ready for the Party.[181/366] More Edna.Flowers (the green ones are my favorites).Hey, short guy.

I am also, as always, thankful for good friends, family, challenging work, coffee, health, running, good food, bourbon, books, biking, champagne, flowers, television, and poems.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is lovely, friends!


  1. A very, very lovely tribute to a year gone well for you! I am so happy to hear your joy. Also, your photo collage is incredible. I need to learn how to make those . Another challenge to undertake! 🙂

    I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season for 2012.


    1. Thanks! The photo collage is actually just me pasting in the html for each photo (via flickr) and setting the size at 200×200 pixels. If you want details, I can email you!


      1. Oh, yes! That would be fantastic. I have long admired other people’s photo collages but never taken the time to figure out how to do it myself. Thanks, Kate!

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