It Seems I Have Some Questions about Candy

I am feeling quite proud of myself today because I’ve just completed the last of my holiday shopping — my boyfriend’s gift is now taken care of, I think, and gifts for my family are ordered and will be wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas.

I’m also thinking of sending my family some homemade candy or something a little closer to the day (I think I must be feeling a soupçon of guilt at not going up to see them for Christmas). I was at a party earlier this fall and one woman I met there had brought these AMAZING homemade caramels. I of course harassed her until she agreed to give me the recipe, and I’m now going to brave making a batch myself. Have any of you ever successfully made caramels? Is it tricky? I suspect it might be tricky, but these were good enough that I’m willing to attempt it anyway. If it works out I’ll do a post about it here and share the recipe with all of you. If it doesn’t work, let’s all just agree to forget I ever said anything about this.

Another candy question: do any of you have a go-to recipe/procedure for making peppermint bark? Every recipe I can find has such mixed reviews. Some people are like, “This is the best recipe of all time! Totally changed my life!” while other people are all, “This stuck to my pans, started a fire that burned down my house, and poisoned my grandma!” So, if you have one you like, that did not start any fires or poison anyone, I’d love to know about it.

In other news, I have gone on a couple of short runs this week, and after today’s, my leg is feeling distinctly haunted again. It’s not exactly in pain, or anything, but there’s a dull, heavy, almost-ache to it that waxes and wanes moment by moment. Listen, you sneaky leg-ghost bastard, I rebuke you! No candy for you.


  1. Ooh, caramels! I hope they work out because I want to hear more about them 🙂

    As for peppermint bark, my sister-in-law makes a really delicious version. I’m pretty sure hers is super-simple: melt chopped white chocolate (use the good stuff!) in a double-boiler, stirring to melt it. In a blender or food processor, buzz some candy canes into smaller pieces. Stir the candy cane pieces into the melted white chocolate, then pour into a layer on parchment paper to let it cool. Break into bark-sized pieces and enjoy! (What do you think? Too simple?)

    PS I’m sorry to hear about your freaky ghost leg. What the heck?!?


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