In which I like so totally blog the Superbowl

Well, here I sit, “watching” the Superbowl, which is really just an excuse to hang out over at my boyfriend’s house and eat nachos and drink beer. We’re also both “working” on stuff for the upcoming school week, which is why I have my laptop. But I don’t care too much about the Superbowl (or the commercials) and I don’t really want to work too much either, therefore I am blogging. (He is working. He is far less lazy than I am.)

Don’t worry, I will refrain from playing that little game where I pretend I don’t even know who is playing, or what sport the Superbowl involves, or what the rules of football are, or whatever. You know, “Oh, hey, it appears there’s [a pop-culture event] today. Like, OMG, I soooo don’t care about that. I don’t even know [a basic fact about it].”

I’m certainly not above expressing my disinterest in things every now and then, but why add yet another voice to today’s chorus? If you ever want to be annoyed with me for dissing something everyone else loves, there is, of course, ample opportunity. Just ask me about popcorn, The Wire, chocolate cake, Fight Club, David Bowie, or the part of a wedding/baby shower where the honoree opens presents in front of everyone.

Wait, Beyoncé is on. I’ll be right back.

(And Destiny’s Child, too?! Awesome.)

(So that was really good, am I right? I like that lady. And her legs.)

Okay. Aren’t you relieved that my food experiment is over and you don’t have to read my many deep thoughts about the foods I’m chosing not to eat this month? I thought so. But I hope you’ll still allow me to share with you all of the bounty of food I’ve been able to eat over the past few days. I’ve found myself enjoying all of the following (and then some): wine, Indian food, spaghetti, English muffins, French fries, beer, and nachos. It was all fabulous. I want more.

I have a few more boring topics coming up in the queue soon, including (but not limited to) cracking down on spending over the next several months, and training for a half marathon at the end of April. I am excited about one and grimly determined about the other. I’ll let you guess which is which for now.


  1. *Like* this post. I didn’t know about chocolate cake, so don’t tell me. Heh. (And FTR, we agree, at least, about David Bowie.)


    1. Oh man, Bowie. What is the LURE? I just remember one exBF being all, “But you’re an ENGLISH person. Here. [showing me the back of an album sleeve] Look at these LYRICS. They’re so GREAT,” and me being all, “Seriously? THESE lyrics? No.”

      And re chocolate cake, I don’t dislike it so much as if I were given a selection of dozens of fabulous cakes, chocolate would be the last (or second last — maybe German chocolate would be last) I’d choose. Anything with vanilla, lemon, berry, or other fruit or spice flavor would be first. Vanilla + lemon is the ultimate.


      1. Ooh, vanilla and lemon. Yes. That sounds delightful! I am a chocolate lover through and through, but I fear that my love for chocolate costs me opportunities to enjoy other flavors. First world problems, you know?

      2. Ha! Yes, well, let this be the call you need to get out there and enjoy some vanilla and lemon flavored treats 🙂

  2. Okay, true story. The day after the Superbowl and I still don’t know who played whom. THAT’S HOW MUCH I don’t care. I don’t hate football; I understand the rules and can follow a game decently well. I also really enjoy playing it (runner’s legs for the win!), but I just have no interest in watching football on tv. The feminist in me is also kinda weirded out by our cultural reverence for football, but strangely enough, I love hockey. So I think I’m a bit of a paradox 🙂


    1. Yeah , I do not love the NFL at all. I have some fun keeping up with college football, especially as Oregon and Auburn have had really good years here recently (in Auburn’s case, just one good year). But pro football? Enh. We’ve been watching tons of college wrestling, though.


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