Half Marathon Training: Week 2

It’s time. So far, after a year of my stupid hip saga, I’ve only done 5K and 10K races — and not very many of them. I’ve tried to be very cautious about increasing mileage and very diligent about doing my strengthening exercises that are meant to keep my hip strong (though I have a hard time making myself keep up with those, because they are boring and they suck and the only way to make them fun is to call them buttxercises).

For the past couple of months, I’ve been able to run 10-12 miles per week with long runs up to 5-6 miles, so I figure I’m ready. And guess what? There just happens to be a half marathon taking place in my town on April 27th — perfect timing for me to start training now! Or for me to start training last week, rather. I actually just finished week two of training; I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about it until today. So, no, you didn’t miss week one. I know you were probably all worried about that, like, where did week one go? Nowhere! I never wrote it. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief; you missed nothing.

From now on, though, I’d like to do a weekly training post here every Sunday. I understand this will only be of interest to my running buddies out there (Running buddies, HOLLA!), but that’s okay with me. As a “personal” blogger with no particular focus other than myself, I always run into the situation where someone who likes one type of post gets annoyed with me for posting too many of another type. But what are you gonna do? This isn’t a niche blog about just television or running or food or my dog or my clothes or what have you. It’s just…my life. And for the next few months, that’s going to involve running, so, like, brace yourself. (But I won’t be offended if you skip these. In fact, I’ll never know!)

[284/366] Post-Run Sunset

A note about my training plan in general (First, this is the type of schedule that works for me and my own personal quirks. I can’t reccomend a specific training plan to anyone else, so, you know, use your own judgment before coming up with a plan for yourself. Yadda yadda yadda. Moving on.) I’m only doing three runs a week because any more than that aggravates my hip. One run will have either speed intervals or hill repeats, one will be a basic run at whatever pace feels good that day, and one will be a longer run that increases in distance each week. I’m aiming to do my PT exercises 2-4 times per week, and attend yoga once per week. I would LOVE to do more yoga classes at the awesome new studio in town, but it’s kind of pricey, so once a week is all I can afford at the moment.

This week went really well for me. I’ve managed to find some cooler, crisper weather to run in, and my energy level and stamina have returned to normal along with the return to my normal diet. (THANK DOG.) With a training plan in place and some longer runs in the books, I am finally starting to feel like a Runner again. Hooray!

Monday: 3.5 miles with speed intervals. I didn’t manage to hit the paces I wanted to, but I think if I set up my Garmin so I can see the current pace on the interval screen, I can do better next time.

Tuesday: PT. Side raises, clam shells, bridges.

Wednesday: 3.5 miles. Sunset run. So pretty, so need a head lamp.

Thursday: Power Vinyasa. Amazing class. I felt great the entire time: strong, flexible, capable.

Friday: PT. Can’t remember what I did this day. Need to log this more regularly. It was…something. Something involving the butt. Buttxercises.

Saturday: Rest. Went out of town with CW during the day, so postponed my usual Saturday run until the next day.

Sunday: 7 miles. Felt great! I was only “supposed” to do 6.5 miles, but the route I planned wound up being a little longer, so 6.5 turned into 7. I kept going because I was feeling pretty good. Still slowing down drastically on hills, but keeping a decent pace otherwise. Hip is a little tired. Need to go do more buttxercises now.

Total: 14 miles.

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