Half Marathon Training: Week Three

It’s been a pretty good training week around here in spite of my schedule being off and missing yoga class. Next week I should be back to my normal days, so I’ll get to go to my beloved Power Vinyasa class. Oh, and next week I think I’m going to run a very hilly 10K race on Saturday — though there’s a chance I’ll miss it due to a scheduling issue. We’ll see. At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing if I can beat my previous (post-injury) 10K time of 1:01:49. I’m sure I won’t come close to the last time I ran this particular race (55:xx), but maybe I can get in under an hour? That would be really nice.

In other news, I’ve had a new (Valentine’s!) mix to listen to when running, which is full of songs that are mostly slower than my usual high-BPM running mix (of pop, hip-hop, and hip-pop), but I am nevertheless obsessed with it. This track is my favorite at the moment:

Valentine's Mix Track with which I am Currently Obsessed

Yes, it’s a Bryan Adams cover. Shut it.

Monday: Rest day. I normally run on Mondays, but last week my long one was Sunday, so I pushed the schedule back by a day.

Tuesday: 4 miles, hill repeats. This time I did 5 reps up and down the hill. My pace going up is about two minutes slower than my pace going down, yet my effort going up is significantly greater. I want going up to start feeling easier.

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday Morning: 3.5 miles, easy pace. I felt a little slow and tired, but it was good to get it done.

Thursday Evening: 30-Day Shred, Level 2. I didn’t feel like doing PT this evening — and let’s face it; I almost never feel like doing PT — so I let Jillian boss me around instead. The workout has plenty of moves like what I do in PT anyway: planks, pushups, squats, lunges. Level two has the most hated squat thrusts during which I get a prime view of my thigh flab flapping around like a white flag waving in the wind.

Friday: PT. Lateral leg raises, bridges, clam shells, hip openers. Did while watching Girls. Not sure if I “enjoy” that show or not.

Saturday: 7 miles. It was a frigid, gale-force wind in my face for the last 2-3 miles (which are also a gradual incline). So, you know, that was fun. But I love that I can run seven miles now.

Sunday: Rest Day (with probable PT this evening). I hope I can motivate. Ugh. Edited to add: I did do PT. Yay, me! Squats, single-leg balances, resistance band walking, clam shells, hip openers.


  1. i’m so glad to read this! i’ve lost a lot of running motivation with my move, but reading about your training helps. i was excited to be running in the city again and around people, the only thing is i’m noticing it’s more lonely because people out here aren’t friendly. the horses in the fields i ran past in montana were friendlier than people i pass on the tacoma streets. this is a speed running community too and i’m transitioning into more of a journey runner; enjoying the journey and not focusing as much on the destination and the time, like i did last year. it’s nice though because i’m also working on not being so prepared for group runs when i go on them; i’m anal-retentive, so it’s good for me to practice going with the flow and not worry about being prepared. speed may come to me later (you’re faster than me with your recovery!), until then i’m enjoying shifting the focus to the journey and finding kindred runners (there’s a few around here). enjoy the training!


    1. It’s too bad you haven’t found a good running community yet! I bet the trail running folks would be a better match — more laid back and into running for the fun of it rather than for the speed. I bet if you seek out a few local running stores, you could find out if there are any trail groups, meet-ups, etc. Don’t give up yet — there have got to be some cool people out there 🙂


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