We Have a Cookbook Winner, and Other Business

I closed comments on the cookbook giveaway post last night at midnight, which means today I get to pick the winner! I used the random number picker to choose a number between one and nine (this was a huge contest, obviously), and the winner is:

cookbook winner

The fourth commenter, AKA Shubbe! If you don’t know her already, she is a badass Ironman triathlete and ultrarunner, and she writes the best race reports (I do love a good, epic-length race report), and she has two very cute dogs. I think it’s good luck that she won, because she said in her comment she had been experimenting with going vegetarian for the past two weeks! Hopefully The Veganomicon will have some good recipes to make it fun and delicious. Shubbe, drop me an email (kateoblog at gmail) with your mailing address and I will send this out to you. Yay!

In other business, I am working from home today. I’m faced with stacks upon stacks of midterm exams to grade and I figure what better way to do it than here, on my couch, with a giant pot of coffee to drink and no pants on. I have realized that what I need in situations like this, though, is a really great robe. Fluffy, with pockets, and maybe a hood. Where’s a good place to get one of those?

Although, I really don’t need to be spending money on a bathrobe right now — it’s just one of my Fantasy Shopping Missions. I’m currently on a shopping hiatus while I try to save money for the summer. Whenever I do this — forbid myself from shopping — I still have all these Fantasy Shopping Missions wherein I determine I really need some product and I will look all around until I find exactly what I would want to buy, the perfect thing, and then I don’t buy it. It’s not as fun as it sounds.

In happier news, it was CW’s birthday this past weekend, and we had so much fun. Friday a bunch of folks went out to celebrate his birthday and another friend’s, and we had a ridiculously good time. Saturday, he and I stayed in and cooked a really nice dinner and had a bottle of good wine and dessert and such. The best part? My present to him was a big success! But now I have hours and hours of Grateful Dead concert footage in my future, so it looks like I need a good twirling dress. I sense my next Fantasy Shopping Mission starting to take shape.


  1. Ugh. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t even have any full-length robes right now. Mine has a hood and pockets and is the softest thing ever, and I love it. But it was a gift in college, and they are hard to find. I’ve never seen one in another VS catalog. Darnit.


    1. I don’t even KNOW. I haven’t happened to see any at Target recently, and that’s basically the only store I go into on a regular basis. Maybe in winter they’re more readily available? Of course, it still feels like winter around here but the stores are all short dresses and swimsuits :/


  2. Congrats to shubbe! Let the vegetarian cooking begin!

    And oh man, working at home is THE BEST. I love it so much that it doesn’t even feel like work. Can you feel my jealousy radiating out of this comment? 🙂 Happy grading, and may the robe of your dreams find its way into your life.


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