Half Marathon Training: Week Six

Last week I shuffled things around quite a bit to accommodate my trip out of town. I didn’t want to skip my long run, and if I put it off until later, it would essentially have to wait until the following Tuesday. I decided to do it sooner rather than later, so instead of my usual Mon-Wed-Sat runs, I did Mon-Tue-Thu. It’s highly unusual for me to run two days in a row — my cranky joints usually don’t respond well without a rest day in between — but I figured this one time wouldn’t hurt.

Post-run viparita karani under the wine rack.

Resting my legs against the wall. I do this after almost every run these days.

Monday: 5 miles, speed intervals. I had thought about doing 400s or 800s, but when the time came I just didn’t feel like I had it in me, so I did one-minute intervals instead. My fast paces were about 7:45-8:00; the slower ones were downright leisurely at 10:30-11:15. I could tell I was working hard, though, because the last two fast intervals were the slowest and toughest. I definitely felt like I was working as hard as I could.

Tuesday: 4 miles. My legs were a little bit sore and fatigued from Monday, so I kept it pretty slow on this run. Just pushing through the high winds was rigorous enough. I narrowly missed a violent storm — it hit just minutes after I came home.

Wednesday: PT The usual favorites.

Thursday: 8 miles. A new “longest” run for me (post injury). It wasn’t really a fun one due to tired legs and a tired body. I think it’s time for me to start bringing a Gu on these longer runs. I also did not enjoy cramming 7 days worth of runs into about 3.5 days and neither did my hip. I kept this pretty slow and just made myself do it. Hoping that the restful weekend will have me feeling good again for next week.

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: Spring break weekend trip, i.e. rest and indulgence.

Total miles: 17


  1. Anything longer than an hour, I generally use a Gu. I don’t always feel like I need it, but I want to make sure my gut is prepared for taking in nutrition when it comes time to race, so this is a good time to make that the norm, you know?


  2. Great training! I find that traveling tends to mess things up for me, because I’m not so good at fitting it in before I go. Yet another thing to work on. 🙂


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