Half Marathon Training: Week Eight

This week’s training was a real shit show, I will just tell you that now. My hip has been aggravated ever since the week when I crammed all my runs into 3.5 days (WHY didn’t I just skip one?!), and after last week’s nine miler, I could feel that it was not doing well.

Monday: rest. Skipped this run entirely to let my hip chill out.

Tuesday: PT. Did everything I could think of to help it out.

Wednesday: 4 miles. I had 5 on the schedule, but my psoas was so tight it was screaming by 3.5, so I shut it down when I got near my house at 4. Not pretty.

Thursday-Friday-Saturday: resting and sulking.

Sunday: 12 miles on the bike. I bought a new road bike and had to test it out!  I’ll tell you all about it and show you more soon. The ride didn’t seem to aggravate my hip, but I can tell I’m not going to be running much (or any) this next week regardless. Shit is still tight and inflamed in there. Going to do some more PT tonight, and then make it my goal to do it five days next week.

New ride.

I’m not too worried about this impacting my half marathon training, honestly. If it turns out I can’t do the 13.1, I have the option to do 6.2 or 3.1. I’ll take one of those options if I need to. Or, if I really can’t race at all, I won’t. Right now, I’m just going to give myself some days off and see what happens.

One Comment

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that, but I’m totally excited about your new bike! And I’m proud of you for being smart about training and racing. I know from experience it can be hard to be so objective.


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