Half Marathon Training: Week Eleven

This was the week I was getting back on a rough training schedule. After two weeks of rest + PT, and another week of shortened runs + more PT, I decided I was ready to try more normal distances. I had missed my 10-12 mile runs while my hip was busy acting the fool, so I determined that this weekend was my one chance to get in a long run before the half marathon. If I could do it without pain, I’d register for the half. If not, I’d register for the 10K (or even 5K, or nothing, as needed). How did it go? Read on!

Raramuri Proverb

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.3 mile Run + PT stretches. I boldly decided I should start running in the afternoons, now that the weather is warm. I’ve been training for this half during the coldest spring I can remember here, but with the race taking place on April 27th, I knew I needed to acclimate to the heat. This was a baptism by fire. And steam. And sweat. Ugh. The first two miles were fine, but after that I had to keep taking more and more walking breaks because my blood felt like it was boiling over, and I had the tell-tale goosebumps of overheating. I got home and instantly placed all my frozen injury corn on my neck to cool down. What, you don’t keep frozen injury corn around?

Wednesday: PT. Lots of floor stuff, single-leg balances, lunges.

Thursday: 3.5 mile Run + PT. This run came together in a hurry — one look at the weather radar map told me a storm was a-brewin’, and if I wanted to run, I needed to get out there quickly. I headed out the door right away, left my technology behind, and had a good run. Made it home before the rain did anything more than spit a little. PT consisted of squats, balances, stretches.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 10 mile run. I did it! Whew. I planned an 8-mile route, deciding that was the minimum I’d try for. I could add on another two for a even ten miles if I was feeling good. Of course, if my hip started seizing up again, I’d cut it all short. But it didn’t, I felt fine! I kept the pace slow and took a 15-30-second walk break at every mile, like it or not. I wanted to see if I could go the distance, not try to race or push the effort too much. I’ll leave that for race day, if I’m up to it. I’m just relieved I was able to run long again without any hip troubles!

Sunday: rest. This was supposed to be a PT day, but Saturday afternoon I started feeling the effects of what turned out to be a stomach bug, and it’s still lingering around, so I’m staying horizontal as much as possible.

Well. I’d better go register for that race!

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